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Biomass Pellet Mill

The material is dried, compressed and formed by the straw briquetting machine into small eraser-sized bits. They are clean, pleasant to smell and smooth to touch. Directly before pellet press, a residual moisture content of approx 15 % is required. Wood pelletizer machine is based on biomass crop straw as the main raw material mainly from corn stalks, tree branches, stem class, grass and other biomass materials. It is a special equipment of compressing such materials into blocks. Wood pelletizer machine is used in compressing biomass stem class, also known as biomass briquette machine.

Specification of biomass pellet mill


Features of biomass pellet mill

* Installation an adequate feed space in an efficient and practical way of feeding
* The key components from imported materials and have a long service life
* Special design, briquette density, smooth surface 6. Easy installation of wearing parts, *easy to maintenance

pictures of sawdust pellet machine

fuel briquett machine straw briquett equipment straw briquett machine
rice husk briquett machine biomass pellet press

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