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what is floating fish feed extruder machine?

This floating feed extruder machine is a single screw wet feed pellet extruder machine, which requires steam to be injected into the extruding bin when producing extruded pellets. Specifically aimed at large production capacity and large feed production plants, we also have another type of fish feed pellet machine for home use and small farm use. Depending on your requirements, you can choose how many volumes of finished floating fish feed pellets to produce.

Wet fish feed extruder machine is widely used in the production of high-grade aquatic feed pellets for pets such as fish, catfish, shrimp, crab, cats, dogs,animal feed pellet etc. The food raw materials used in the animal feed pellet extruder machine can wheat, soybeans, cakes and other scraps, etc., the puffed granules produced by the pellet feed extruder machine float on the water surface for more than 12 hours and do not dissolve. Wet feed extruder is mainly used in large and medium-sized feed processing plants and farms

Our wet fish feed extruder can produce animal feed pellets with a diameter of 0.9-12mm and is also suitable for producing pet food, fish feed pellets, shrimp feed and other animal feed pellets. Besides floating fish feed extruder, we also have sinking fish feed machine for making sink pellets.the electric fish feed extruder machine can be single phase power and three phase power electricity.

it has various production capacity from 30 kg per hour to 5000 kg per hour,which is divided into small scale capacity and large capacity.small electric fish feed extruder machine has production capacity ranged 30-50kg/h,60-80kg/h,100-150kg/h,180-300kg/h. these small electric fish feed extruder machine is very suitable for small fish farm,home use or small fish feed production factory,and the fish feed extruder machine price is very low which can be affordable by most clients.

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Fish Feed Extruder Machine Price

structure of floating fish feed extruder machine

Feeder hopper

In order to ensure uniform and stable feeding, the feeding amount is adjusted according to the rated current value of the extrusion motor. Generally, an electromagnetic speed-regulating motor or a frequency converter is used to control the speed and change the feed. The outlet of the feed hopper is usually fed into the extrusion section by a dragline.

Extrusion chamber

consists of screw, barrel, template, fixture, etc. The screw and barrel are combined in sections, and the compression degree can be adjusted according to the type and requirements of the extruded feed, and the expansion degree of the extruded feed can be changed.

3 parts mechanism

Feeding section: This section has a larger pitch and is mainly used for conveying and compressing materials, so that the spiral groove is filled with feed.
Compression section: The spiral groove becomes shallower along the pushing direction to compress the material.
Extrusion section: the screw groove is shallow, the pitch gradually becomes smaller, the extrusion pressure can reach 3.0-10Mpa, and the temperature can reach 120-150 degrees Celsius.

Working principle of floating fish feed extruder machine

When the raw material enters the feeding device, no external heating is required, and the screw is pressurized under high pressure and high temperature, so that the raw material is fully cooked and sterilized. During the high temperature curing process, the starch and fibers in the raw material expand. The material is then shaped into pellets through a shaping die under pressure-sealed conditions. Finally, through the high pressure generated by the regular rotation of the screw, after being cut by the regular high-speed rotating front cutter, the finished product shrinks into an average small puffed ball at normal temperature and pressure.

Fish Feed Extruder Machine For Sale
Floating Fish Feed Extruder Machine

Features of floating fish feed extruder machine

floating fish food extruder machine is widely used in the production of floating feed pellets for various aquatic products and animals, with a wide range of applications and low noise.

The high temperature and high pressure process can kill salmonella and bacterial infection in the material, making the particles easier to digest and absorb

We provide different molds to meet the various needs of feed pellet diameter, and different molds can make pellets with different diameters (0.9-15mm) and shapes.

The wet fish feed extruder does not require a steam boiler, and the dry pellet machine is cheaper and easier to use and operate than the wet pellet machine.

The feed pellet extruder machine adopts a jacket structure, and the extrusion temperature is controlled by adding hot steam or cooling water.

The automatic temperature control system makes the temperature control more intuitive and the parameters more accurate.

Electric heating device is adopted to improve feed expansion rate and pellet floating time.

Advanced technology and user-friendly design ensure simple operation, reliable performance, high efficiency and low power consumption.

Fish food extruder is widely used in the production of floating feed pellets for various aquatic feed and animal feed, with a wide range of applications and low noise.

High-quality steel is used to ensure a long service life of the floating fish feed pellet extruder machine,and the fish feed extruder machine for sale is very hot with low price.

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raw materials for floating fish feed extruder machine

Corn, corn, soybean, rice: contains about 10-14% protein, and also contains vitamins B1, B2, B6 and a small amount of enzymes.

Straw powder, grass powder, rice bran, wheat bran: contain fiber, prevent various fish diseases

Mustard Cake: Mix up to 40% cake in fish feed. But don’t use more than 20% dry cookies. Mustard cakes contain 30-32% protein.

Cottonseed, Sunflower Seed, Rapeseed: Contains about 54% protein. It is a good raw material for supplementing fish feed.

Fish meal, fish oil: Fish are easy to digest. Fishmeal contains about 55-60% protein.

Bone meal: necessary for building fish bones. The ratio of calcium to magnesium in bone meal is 2 : 1

Offal: Ideal feed for catfish. It contains 52% protein.

Floating Fish Feed Raw Materials
Notic to raw material grinding fineness for extruding floating feed

The grinding fineness of feed pellets above 1mm is required to be around 60-80 mesh. For pellet feeds of 1mm and below, the grinding fineness of raw materials is generally recommended to be 100 mesh and above. After mixing a variety of raw materials, it is generally recommended to control the moisture at about 25-30%. For example, the moisture content of conventional raw materials is about 10-13%. On this basis, about 18% of water can be added, that is, 100kg of raw materials. Add about 18 kg of water. Considering the different moisture content of different raw materials in different regions, the amount of water added can be controlled according to the actual situation.

Troubleshooting of floating fish feed extruder machine

processing methods of low production output

After the floating fish feed extruder machine has been used for a period of time, if the output decreases, please exclude the inspection according to the following schemes:

The screw head is seriously worn

The bushing of the expansion chamber is seriously worn

Cost Of Fish Feed Extruder Machine
Price Of Floating Fish Feed Extruder Machine

Is the formula changed?

Floating pellets: Starch content: ≥20% , sinking pellets:Starch content: ≥10%
In addition: Especially for floating pellets, the content of animal protein should not be too high.

The material expansion is too high:

1) The tempering temperature is too high (wet type floating fish feed extruder machine)
2) The main engine speed is too high
3) Too much or too little water added to conditioner or raw materials
4) The die hole is blocked

The puffing degree of the material is not enough

1) The output of the floating fish food extruder is low
2) The tempering temperature is not high enough
3) The main engine speed is low
4) The electric heating temperature of the puffing chamber is low
5) Conditioning moisture is too low
6) Whether the material formula is changed

installation guidance of floating fish feed extruder machine

Select the appropriate plane position according to the production line process flow and the overall layout of the workshop,For complete units with steel frame structure, the floating fish feed pellet extruder machine generally needs to be elevated,Place the inlet of the cooler about 500~800mm below the outlet of the pellet feed extruder machine (for the mixture or other raw materials with high starch content, this size should be based on the principle that a crusher can be installed)

After the material is discharged, it falls through the discharge hood or the hopper and enters the cooler,In this way, it can be adapted to a variety of puffing production processes,However, for a relatively fixed production process, the following aspects should be paid attention to:

If the full-fat soybeans are extruded and need to be cooled immediately, the installation height of the extruder should make the outlet of the extruder slightly higher than the inlet of the cooler by 100~-200mm, and leave a certain horizontal distance,In order to facilitate the adjustment of the discharge part of the electric fish feed extruder machine and the replacement of wearing parts,

and the “preheating material” of the pellet extruder machine is also easy to remove. The horizontal distance should be determined so that the material can be directly sprayed into the cooler inlet (generally 300~500mm) when the extruder is working normally.

The installation location of the pellet feed extruder machine should be well ventilated, and there should be maintenance space around.

It is best to use a soft connection between the feed port of the extruder and the silo, and set a gate.

The control cabinet should be placed in a relatively safe place close to the operating station without affecting traffic.

This machine uses three-phase four-wire power supply, voltage fluctuation: +10%≤-5%

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Maintainence of floating fish feed extruder machine

Oil change time

1) The main bearing seat must be replaced with new oil regularly. The first oil change time is about 2 months, and the new oil is replaced every other year. When changing the oil, it is required to empty all the old oil and clean the oil tank with compressed air.

2) For other bearing parts, grease once every 48 hours of operation.

3) The chain transmission mechanism on the conditioner should be lubricated frequently. (for wet type fish feed extruder machines)

4) The oil in the reducer of the conditioner should be replaced with new oil regularly. The first oil change time is to replace 1/2 of the old oil for 200 hours of work, and to replace the new oil for 400 hours of work. After that, replace the new oil every six months. (for wet process machines)

Other maintenance precautions

1) Clean the upper gate of the feeding bin every week to prevent the delay of feeding time due to blockage of this part.
2) Clean the residual material on the wall of the feeder barrel every week.
3) Clean the residual material at the connection between the outlet of the feeder and the inlet of the conditioner every week.
4) Clean the water adding nozzle and steam nozzle of the conditioner every week to keep the liquid adding smoothly.
5) Remove and clean the bypass once a week, and at the same time clean the residual material at the feed port of the extrusion assembly.

Electrical maintenance

1) The primary wire in the main motor electronic control is re-locked and checked. (Note: After 15 days of commissioning, please re-lock the primary circuit in the electrical control cabinet)

2) Sudden shutdown during operation—whether the motor is overloaded, thermal protection action, main circuit short circuit, air break action protection, motor damage.

specifications of floating fish feed extruder machine

electric fish feed extruder machine

ModelCapacity(kg)Main Power(kw)Feeding Power(kw)Cutting Power(kw)Screw Diameter(mm)Conditioning power(kw)

Working video of floating fish feed extruder machine

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