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What is straw pellet machine?

The straw pellet machine is an equipment for pelletizing biomass straw, such as rice straw, wheat straw, for heating purpose. it can also process alfalfa pellet, hay pellets, wood pellets and grass pellets. Straw is a by-product of crop harvesting, and more and more farmers are recycling the value of straw as a source of income. Straw is very common around the world, especially in rural areas. A large amount of straw waste is produced when crops are harvested.

As we all know, the rice straw pellet machine was originally designed for processing feed. But through the feedback from our clients and our hard work on study, the straw pellet making machine is suitable for processing wood sawdust, straw, and all kinds of grass, etc. This wheat straw pellet machine has the advantages of low price, low consumption and high production capacity. It is a good choice for small farmers, because the straw pellet machine price is very competitive low, and very suitable for farmers and home use.

VTKLP series straw pellet mill utilizes the extrusion force between the pressing wheel and the flat die, and the friction force between the raw material and the die hole. The final pellets are 3-10mm in diameter, and the length can be automatically adjusted according to your needs.

video of how to make straw pellets

introduction and elements of rice straw and wheat straw

Straw, according to Wikipedia, is a kind of agricultural and sideline products, which is the dry straw of cereal plants, after removing grain and bran. Straw accounts for about half of the production of cereal crops such as barley, oats, rice, maize and wheat.
As agricultural residues, corn stover, wheat stover and rice stover produce abundant yields during harvest.

Straw generally refers to the stems, leaves and ears of mature crops, including wheat straw, rice straw, corn straw, cotton straw, etc. It is abundant in the harvest season, accounting for about half of the crop output.

Straw contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and other organic matter. Crude fiber accounts for 30%-40%. It is an important raw material for papermaking, biofuels, animal feed and horse bedding.

Leaving straw in the fields leads to the emission of greenhouse gases such as methane. Direct combustion produces heat, which is a waste of resources and harmful to the environment. Therefore, more and more people choose to buy straw pellet machine and make straw into pellets for increasing the extra value.

rice straw pellet machine for sale
wheat straw pellet making machine price
Wheat straw41.53%22.92%12.26%
Rice straw39.2%23.5%36.1
Corn straw61.2%19.3%6.9%
MaterialsMoisture contentAsh contentCalorific value
Rice straw15-30%15-20%13.98 MJ/kg
Wheat straw20-40%8-9%14.4 MJ/kg
Corn straw20-27%8%15.68 MJ/kg
Straw pellets8-10%3%18-19 MJ/kg

why making straw pellets?

at first, straw pellet machine for sale is very low,every farmer and household can afford it.secondly,the benifits of finished straw pellets is huge,and its application is very wide.

Economic benefits

Straw pelleting can increase its bulk density, thereby improving storage and reducing transportation costs. The energy contained in straw is highly concentrated, providing a fuel with very good energy quality, heat and minimal ash. At the same time, ash from burning pellets can be used as a mineral fertilizer because it contains elements necessary for plant growth.

Wide range of uses

In addition to being used as fuel pellets, straw pellets can also be used as litter for horses and litter for small pets. Because straw pellets are pure natural products, without additives, and with good hygiene, they are the best products for animal bedding. Straw pellets can also be used as animal feed.

Environment protection

Farmers will leave a lot of crop waste after harvesting crops, especially a large amount of straw. If they are not treated, it is likely to cause environmental pollution. At this time, processing straw can not only protect the environment, but also obtain economic benefits as a by-product.

straw pellet machine for sale
how to make straw pellet

What are straw pellets used for (application)

Usually straw pellets for bedding are expensive,this is when you might start thinking about our straw pellet machine,if you are a straw pellet user you can start making your own straw pellets from straw and use them in production cost only. This will allow you to give your horse the best possible service without spending too much of a budget.

On the other hand, if you have straw available, you can make a staggering profit by producing straw pellets for horse bedding and selling them directly to horse breeders, straw pellet for feed selling them to poultry farm,and straw pellet for heating fuel for home use pellet stove.

making straw pellet for feed

Straw pellets can be used as a good pellet feed for animals. Compared with straw, straw pellet feed has the advantages of cleanliness, balanced nutrition, easy storage and long shelf life.

making straw pellet for animal bedding

In addition to being used as fuel and animal feed, straw pellets can also be used as animal bedding, such as horse mats, cat litter, etc. Straw pellets are used as animal bedding and are an additive-free, highly hygienic natural product. They are the best product for animal bedding. Straw has been used as bedding for horses for centuries. Only recently have new technologies allowed us to improve what seemed to be perfect, namely making soft pellets out of straw and using them in barns. It has been known for some time that straw pellets are the best litter for horses.

making straw pellet for heating fuel

Straw pellets are commonly used as fuel for household pellet boilers, pellet stoves and other pellet appliances. Large straw pellets are often co-fired with traditional fuels such as coal and oil in large boilers or power plants or factories.

specifications of straw pellet machine

electric straw pellet machine


diesel engine straw pellet machine

ModelDiesel Engine Power(HP)Output(kg/h)Weight(kg)
straw pellet mill for sale
straw pellet machine price

how to make straw pellets with straw pellet making machine

before making straw pellet with straw pellet machine, you need to separate straw and foreign matter in straw, probably a lot more than sawdust, so it’s important to keep the straw separate from foreign objects.

Drying (optional)
The drying process is optional. Generally speaking, straw is usually air-dried and usually has a moisture content of 15%. So the drying of straw is unnecessary. However, if the moisture content of the straw is higher than 15%, it needs to be dried with a tumble dryer.

Crushing straw
The chopped straw is pulverized into a uniform size of less than 5mm with a hammer mill, and then fed into the straw pelletizer feeder.

pelleting straw
After crushing and drying, it is sent to the straw pellet machine of ring die or flat die by conveyor belt. Under the pressure between the die and the roller, the straw pellets are extruded and cut to the desired length. Common sizes of straw fuel pellets are 6mm or 8mm.

Cooling and packing (optional)

To maintain the quality of pellets during storage and handling, pellets extruded at high temperature should be air-cooled through a counter-flow pellet cooler to room temperature or slightly higher. This process is also optional for small scale production as the pellets can stay on the ground to cool. The final step is to package the straw pellets for mass production.

how to make straw pellet
making straw pellet for heating
making straw pellet for feed
making straw pellets for fuel
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what should you pay attention in straw pellet production process

Crop straw needs to be pretreated before making pellets. The moisture content should be around 15%, otherwise it will affect the quality and forming rate of the pellets. The size should be smaller than the diameter of the hole on the flat die, generally 4-5mm, otherwise the hole will be blocked and the straw pellet machine will be damaged. In addition, there are usually some impurities and foreign matter in the straw raw material, which must be removed.

For pretreatment, you need a hammer mill to pulverize the large straw into small sizes, and a dryer to reduce the moisture content. But a dryer is optional as the straws can be air-dried.

After pretreatment, you can feed these materials into the straw pellet making machine, sometimes with the help of a conveyor belt. The straw particles produced by this rice straw pellet machine have high density, high hardness, smooth surface and no cracks. They are cylinders with a diameter of 6-8mm and a length of 4-5 times the diameter.

Straw pellets are extruded from the rice straw pellet machine at higher temperatures. You can use a counterflow pellet cooler to cool them, or put them in the open air to cool them. Afterwards, you can put them in bags for storage and shipping. For mass production, packaging machines are necessary.

Common problems in the straw pelleting process are blockage and breakage of pellet molds, overheating, high energy costs or poor pellet quality, and high straw pellet machine maintenance. To avoid the above problems in straw pellet production process, a high-quality straw pellet making machine is required. In general, straw requires a thicker pellet die than sawdust to increase the compressed length for a more favorable product quality.

how to make straw pellets
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