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featurs of grass pellet machine

The grass pellet machine is well-equipped and technically sophisticated. This model has a variety of 2-10mm aperture molds, which are suitable for granulation of different materials and achieve good results. The structural design of the traditional pellet mill has been changed. The casing has reinforcing ribs and the castings are thickened, which greatly improves the strength of the grass pellet machine and reduces the cracking of the casing of the grass pellet mill machine.the grass pellet making machine adopts large diameter pressing roller, large output, high granulation rate, uniform granule, high granule strength, smooth surface, easy storage, help sheep, pigs, etc. to absorb and reduce disease. it can also process alfalfa pellet, straw pellets, wood pellets and hay pellets.

All bearings are sealed, which can effectively prevent dust from entering, improve the working environment of the bearing, and prolong the life of the bearing. The gearbox is made of gray cast iron, with low noise and good shock absorption. The grass pellet machine has a small footprint, low investment, high return and good performance. The grass pellet making machine saves time and effort, has low power and high output.

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about grass introduction

Grass is familiar to everyone and can be seen everywhere throughout the year (square lawns, residential green belts, farmland). Grass can be used to make not only feed pellets, but also biofuel pellets. Grass biofuel pellets are pellets made by pressing chopped grass into a form similar to wood pellets. Making pellets from grass costs less than making pellets from wood. Large-scale production of grass-fuel pellets is beneficial to agriculture and rural economies, and is ecologically attractive.

Grass pellets are a kind of green energy. With the wide distribution and sustainability of raw materials, biomass pellets have become a usable alternative to traditional fuels. Compared to coal and natural gas, grass pellets have the same efficiency but lower cost. Best of all, they can be made entirely at home. All you need is a grass pellet machine.

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benefits of making grass pellets

The growth and utilization of feed is greatly affected by the season. In winter, the pasture is yellow and has little nutrients. However, forages are vigorous and more nutritious, so livestock cannot eat them during the warmer seasons. Therefore, in order to make full use of the grass in the warm season and achieve the effect, the grass grains preserved in the process of mowing, drying and crushing can be used to feed livestock and poultry in winter.

High conversion rate. Feeding livestock and poultry with forage pellets in winter can obtain more meat, eggs and milk with less forage.

small volume. The volume of grass particles is only about 1/4 of the raw material, which is beneficial to storage and transportation. In addition, less dust is beneficial to human and animal health.

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Increase palatability and improve forage quality.
For example, sweet clover has a coumarin taste, which livestock more or less dislikes. But it has become another forage with strong palatability and high nutritional value.

spread feed source
Such as golden pheasant, excellent quinoa, periwinkle. Thicker branches, etc., are crushed and processed into grass grains and turned into beneficial forage. In addition, by-products of other crops, such as husks, straw and various leaves, can also be processed into grass pellets and fed to livestock and poultry.

application of grass pellets by grass pellet mill

making grass pellet for feed

grass pellets can be used as a good pellet feed for animals. Compared with straw, grass pellet feed has the advantages of cleanliness, balanced nutrition, easy storage and long shelf life.When processing compound feed pellets of various livestock and poultry feed grasses, the grass is mixed with 55%~60% toppings (green hay, straw, etc.), 35%~40% concentrate (corn, sorghum, oats, wheat). skin, etc.), 3% to 1% of minerals and vitamins. The mixed feed can then be pelletized.

making grass pellet for fuel

Since grass is less dense than woody material, there is less wear and tear on the grass pellet maker. And the grass pellet mill can work with higher speed and productivity. Grass is more economical and easier to obtain than other wood materials. Grass pellet fuel can be used in pellet stoves, furnaces, water heaters, industrial boilers and power plants. They have low carbon emissions and high burn rates. you can also use wood pellet making machine to turn wood materials into fuel.

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how to make grass pellets for feed and fuel

To make grass pellets, you must first have a grass pellet machine. According to customer needs, there are small grass pelletizer mill and large ring die type grass pellet mill for you to choose from. Small grass pellet making machine are suitable for homes and small businesses. Large grass pellet machine are mainly used to make commercial granules. So when purchasing a grass pellet mill looks out for quality. It is advisable to purchase grass pellet making machine from known brands.

and then you need to prepare grass materials,The key technology of grass pellet processing is to adjust the moisture content of raw materials. The moisture content of the raw material must be measured first, and then water is added to the moisture content required for processing. It has been determined that the optimum water content of grass pellets made from leguminous forages is 14% to 16%, and that of grasses is 13% to 15%.

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last, turn on the grass pelletizer, put the treated grass pellets into the grass pelletizer, and then the pellets start to work. Raw materials will go into the studio. the grass pellet machine will squeeze the stock into the holes. And the raw material is preliminarily formed into a cylindrical shape. After that, the grass cylindrical pellets will be cut to form pellets, which will then be fed out by the trash tray. Then you just have to wait for your grass pellets! and at last you can packing and store the final grass pellets in a bag of silo and in a cool and dry place after cooling them.

specification of grass pellet making machine

electric grass pellet machine

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