Animal feed production line processing animal cattle feed

what is animal feed production line?

animal feed production plant is fully complete feed pellet production plant for producing animal feed pellet like cattle feed pellet, pig feed pellet, goat feed pellet, horse feed pellet, rabbit feed pellet, etc. the animal feed manufacturing plant has small scale production capacity and large scale production capacity.

Due to the rapid development of the livestock farm, cattle farm, pig farm in recent years, traditional feed can no longer meet the demand for feed. Farmers started looking for another feed product – pellet feed, which was healthier, more nutritious, easier to digest, easier to store, and easier to transport. The raw materials for making pellet feed can be grass meal, straw meal, vitamins, hay meal, corn meal, etc.

They are easily available and are a kind of green raw material for cattle raising. You can also use these ingredients to make recipes for pig feed pellet, cattle feed pellet, goat feed pellet, horse feed pellet, rabbit feed pellet, or other animal and livestock feed, so you can get pellet feed for all your animal, livestock and aquatic products.

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small feed production plant

features of animal feed processing line

Customizable design for the whole cattle feed production line. For different materials, your specific requirement or you budget, we can add or get rid of some machinery.

this animal feed processing plant has wide capacity scope. Its capacity ranges from 1 t/h to 20 t/h. If you have larger production need, we also can make it for you.

The final pellets is smooth and free of deleterious organisms, improving animal performance.

PLC control. All the process above will be controlled and monitored by our advanced computer controlling system.

Powerful technology support. we have our own factory to design and manufacture the cattle feed processing line for the project and we will dispatch engineers to user’s local place for installation, debugging trial run and training, making sure the animal feed production line works well.

With reasonable technology, this cattle feed manufacturing plant has high capacity and low energy consumption. It can produce 1000-3000 tons mash and pellet feed per shift annually;

Pig Feed Production Line

Large feed production line

Goat Feed Production Line

Large feed production line

Modular Structure: The cattle feed manufacturing plant is compact, occupies less floor space and has low requirement on the mill tower, and needs low investment in civil works. The containerized modular structure is convenient for assembly and disassembly, facilitates the shipment and installation;

Centralized control: the analogue panel is adopted. All machines can be interlocked and safe, alarm device is available. The operation is simple and convenient;

Wide applicable scope: The animal pig feed production line can produce both animal & livestock feed and fish feed and is applicable for medium and small sized feed mills and breeding farms.

raw materials for animal feed manufacturing plant

corn, maize, soybean, rice, wheat: contain about 10-14% of protein and also contain vitamin B1, B2, B6 and small quantity of enzyme.

Rapeseed Meal, cotton seed meal:high protein-containing material that can be used as a feed for livestock and animal. Typical meal contains around 38% of protein; however it also contains about 12% crude fiber and glucosinolates, specific components of Cruciferae plants.

straw meal, grass meal, rice bran, wheat chaff: contain fiber, control many types of fish diseases.

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application of animal feed production plant

processing grain into pellets like corn/maize, soybean, rice, wheat, and no need crushing them before pelleting, put them in the pelleting room of animal feed making machine,they will become pellets automatically.

making animal feed and livestock feed like for cattle feed pellet, pig feed pellet, goat feed pellet, deer feed pellet, horse feed pellet, rabbit feed pellet etc and other animals and livestock.

turning straw, grass, hay meal into pellets for animal feed and heating fuel.

processing life garbage and other green plants into pellets for livestock and animal feed .

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animal feed manufacturing process

As mentioned earlier, an animal cattle feed production line is a small and not too complicated machine. This makes the processing of the particles easier to understand. The initial process is to bring in the material from which the pellets are made. These include soybean meal, corn meal, vitamins, and more.

This is the first step to ensure that all large particles are crushed into powder form. Corn meal, sorghum meal, wheat, beans, oilseed meal, soybean meal can all be large grains and must go through this process. They are taken to a grain mill grinder machine, where they are crushed into a fine powder. Without this process, it would be nearly impossible to make particles.

animal feed production process for small capacity

Goat Feed Processing Plant
Goat Feed Manufacturing Plant
Animal Feed Manufacturing Process
Livestock Feed Pellet Production Line
Animal Feed Production Process Flow Chart
Crushing Process: Hammer Mill Crusher

hammer mill crusher is suitable to grind raw materials into powder with optimal size for best pelletizing effect.

Mixing Process: Feed Mixer

By adopting feed mixer, various ingredients can be blended sufficiently to ensure every bite of finished feed pellets can have balanced nutriments.

Pelletizing Process: Flat Die Pellet Mill

feed pellet mill is the main equipment of the complete animal feed production line. Compared with flat die feed pellet mill, ring die type animal pig feed production line has bigger capacity.

Cooling Process: Cooling Machine

Cooling and Screening Process Pellets from the granulator may be discharged at up to 88°C and 17-18% moisture. The temperature of the pellets must be lowered quickly to bring the moisture content to 10-12% or less for proper storage and handling. Therefore the particles must be cooled and dried. Our pellet cooler adopts the principle of counter flow cooling, and the pellets are fully cooled evenly. The temperature of the particles after cooling is not higher than room temperature + 3-5 degrees.

Packing Process: Packaging machine

After cooling, the pellets will be bagged or stored according to your needs and requirements. The packaging process is efficiently handled by our semi-automatic packaging machines. The finished feed is weighed by a computer and then pneumatically unloaded into bags. The weighed bag will then travel down a conveyor belt where the machine can be used to sew the top of the bag where dry feed can be placed for storage.

animal feed production process for large capacity

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Animal Feed Production Process Flow Chart
Crushing Process: Waterdrop Crusher

Crushing equipment is added to this animal feed production plant. This combination of goat feed production line is more suitable for users who need to crush raw materials. Animal feed pellets are finely processed materials. Different animals need different sizes of feed pellets.

The raw material of 6-8mm is suitable for the production of cattle feed pellet, pig feed pellet and sheep feed pellet, goat feed pellet, deer feed pellet, rabbit feed pellet and the raw material of 3-5mm is suitable for the production of feed for cattle feed, rabbit feed, pig feed, horse feed, deer feed, and animal cubs. The size of the feed pellets depends on the size of the die hole of the pellet mill. Therefore, before entering the pig feed production line, it is best to crush the raw materials into a suitable size.

Mixing Process: Double Shaft Mixer

An appropriate mixture can be defined using a unit called the coefficient of variation. The smaller the coefficient of variation, the higher the mixing quality. Our well-designed blenders are of such great quality. In addition to this, the mixer should also provide the function of mixing liquids, as we need to add oil or molasses to the feed. High mixing uniformity, CV ≤ 5%, no segregation; The mixing process of animal feed processing line is mild, and the loading range is variable; Full bottom electric open and unloading, fast unloading, low residual material rate; Set up return air duct, no dust outside leak, fully comply with environmental protection requirements.

Pelleting Process: Ring Die Pellet Mill

The animal feed manufacturing plant is a ring-type animal cattle feed production line, which has the characteristics of high-precision gears. The granulator is specially designed for stress-free and smooth transmission of the main shaft, long service life of the shaft, and low noise. it can be equipped with a non-stop refueling system. The vibrating discharge octagonal type countercurrent cooler (particle diameter is 1.5-12mm) has the advantages of no leakage and no blockage, uniform cooling, beautiful particles, and smoothness. Adopt rotary grading screen, simple structure, less failure, no need to refuel, low noise.

Cattle Feed Production Process Flow Chart
Cow Feed Production Line
Pig Feed Manufacturing Plant
Pig Feed Production Plant Cost
Crumbling Process: Crumbler Machine

Three-roller structure, continuous work balance, uniform particle size of finished products, and high crushing efficiency.
Less grading and returning materials, high yield, adding feeder, low consumption.

Screening Process: Screener Machine

Low breakdown, less maintenance, simple operation, the gearbox adopts non-gear transmission way, dispense with oil lubrication, avoid oil pollution with oil leakage, It changes the tail sliding support into elastic support, avoid deposited material avoid cross contamination.

Cooling Process: Counterflow Cooler Machine

On the Principle of the advanced counter flow cooling, SKLN series counter flow cooler is equipped with a reciprocating grate type discharging device, which is characterized by its smooth material flowing and uniform discharging.
The octagon cooling bin has eliminated dead cooling corner, which is beneficial to the cooling treatment of materials.

Packing Process: Package Machine

This process is the final process which is to pack the feed pellets into bags which are convenient for storage and transportation. The packing operation is fully automatic with weighing, sewing and packing.

animal feed manufacturing process flow chart

animal cattle feed production line layout for Small capacity

Small Pellet Feed Mill Plant Layout

animal cattle feed production line layout for large capacity

Animal Feed Manufacturing Process Flow Chart

video of animal feed processing plant

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