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what is poultry feed production line?

poultry feed production plant is fully complete automatic feed pellet production plant for producing poultry feed pellet like chicken feed pellet, hen feed pellet, broiler feed pellet, duck feed pellet, bird feed pellet etc.the chicken feed manufacturing plant has small scale production capacity and large scale production capacity. small pellet production line is good for small poultry farm, home use and small buisiness.

Due to the rapid development of the poultry farm industry in recent years, traditional feed can no longer meet the demand for feed. Farmers started looking for another feed product – pellet feed, which was healthier, more nutritious, easier to digest, easier to store, and easier to transport. The raw materials for making pellet feed can be grass meal, straw meal, vitamins, hay meal, corn meal, etc.

With years of experience in poultry feed processing machinery, we have more than 10 engineers to develop business plans for poultry feed processing line for domestic and foreign customers.

poultry feed production line for sale

small feed production line

poultry feed processing line

small feed production line

We optimize the performance of our poultry feed processing plant equipment to meet the unique needs of feed processors, and we can produce the tightest distribution of uniform particle size and the least amount of dust.

All equipment is constructed of carbon steel or stainless steel and can be custom configured according to the customer’s material and production goals.

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features of poultry feed processing line

this poultry feed processing plant has wide capacity scope. Its capacity ranges from 1 t/h to 20 t/h. If you have larger production need, we also can make it for you.

Customizable design for the whole poultry feed processing plant. For different materials, your specific requirement or you budget, we can add or get rid of some machinery.

The final pellets is smooth and free of deleterious organisms, improving poultry performance.

Powerful technology support. we have our own factory to design and manufacture the animal feed plant for the project and we will dispatch engineers to user’s local place for installation, debugging trial run and training, making sure the poultry feed production line works well.

With reasonable technology, this chicken feed manufacturing plant has high capacity and low energy consumption. It can produce 1000-3000 tons mash and pellet feed per shift annually;

PLC control. All the process above will be controlled and monitored by our advanced computer controlling system.

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Large feed production plant

poultry feed processing plant cost

Large feed production plant

Wide applicable scope: The poultry chicken feed production line can produce both poultry & livestock feed and fish feed and is applicable for medium and small sized feed mills and breeding farms. however, for fish feed, it makes sinking type fish feed, if you want to make floating type, you can use floating fish feed production line or a small fish feed plant.

Centralized control: the analogue panel is adopted. All machines can be interlocked and safe, alarm device is available. The operation is simple and convenient;

Modular Structure: The poultry feed manufacturing plant is compact, occupies less floor space and has low requirement on the mill tower, and needs low investment in civil works. The containerized modular structure is convenient for assembly and disassembly, facilitates the shipment and installation;

raw materials for poultry feed manufacturing plant

corn, maize, soybean, rice, wheat: contain about 10-14% of protein and also contain vitamin B1, B2, B6 and small quantity of enzyme.

Rapeseed Meal, cotton seed meal: high protein-containing material that can be used as a feed for livestock and poultry. Typical meal contains around 38% of protein; however it also contains about 12% crude fiber and glucosinolates, specific components of Cruciferae plants.

straw meal, grass meal, rice bran, wheat chaff: contain fiber, control many types of fish diseases.

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application of poultry feed production plant

Poultry chicken feed production line has many applications that depend on many things. They are used for multiple purposes. It is suitable for making all kinds of poultry feed and aquatic feed.

Poultry feed production line application includes: ideal feed milling production line for large feed mills/feed mills/breeding plants; high-yield, highly automated feed production. The whole chicken feed processing line includes crushers, mixers, granulators, coolers, pulverizers, and all silos, screening machines, packaging machine conveyors, etc. We will design a complete flow chart of poultry feed pellet production line according to your raw materials and specific requirements.

making poultry feed and livestock feed like for chicken feed pellet, duck feed pellet, bird feed pellet etc and other poultry and livestock.

processing life garbage and other green plants into pellets for livestock and poultry feed .

turning straw, grass, hay meal into pellets for poultry feed and heating fuel.

processing grain into pellets like corn/maize, soybean, rice, wheat, and no need crushing them before pelleting, put them in the pelleting room of poultry feed making machine and animal feed processing machine, they will become pellets automatically.

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poultry feed production plant cost

poultry feed manufacturing process

The poultry chicken feed production line is a complete set of equipment specially used for making poultry feed pellets. The production capacity of this poultry feed processing plant varies from 1 ton per hour to 10 tons per hour. The poultry feed processing line generally includes the following processes: raw material receiving and cleaning process, crushing process, mixing process, pelletizing process, pellet cooling process, (particle crushing process), screening process and packaging process.

In general, a poultry feed production line process consists of the following steps:

First, the raw materials or feed ingredients required by animals are pulverized into powder by a pulverizer, such as soybean meal, corn, wheat, vegetables and other materials, you can use a grain mill grinder machine to grain soybean, corn, wheat etc.

Then, in the mixing machine, the crushed raw material powders are mixed completely for later pellet production process. In this process, the user can add additive agents like vitamin, powder, bone and other necessary trace element

Next, the mixed raw materials enter the poultry feed pelletizer through the conveyor. Under high temperature and pressure inside the machine, the loose material is pressed into solid particles of high density, uniform size and shape.

The finished pellet feed is then cooled and screened in a pellet cooler and screener for later packaging and storage.

Finally, by cooling and sifting, the pellets can be stored in bags. The bagged granules are ready to be sold on the market.

poultry feed production process for small capacity

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chicken layer feed production plant
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Crushing Process: Hammer Mill Crusher

hammer mill feed crusher is suitable to grind raw materials into powder with optimal size for best pelletizing effect.

Mixing Process: Feed Mixer

The crushed materials are lifted to the high-level silo, and then the materials from different silos are put into the mixer for mixing.

Pelletizing Process: Flat Die Pellet Mill

The mixed material needs to be lifted again and sent to the feed pellet mill for granulation. The productionj process is the core step of the granulator, so any abnormal situation must be monitored and dealt with in a timely manner.

Cooling Process: Cooling Machine

During the manufacturing process, a lot of heat is generated due to the introduction of high temperature and high humidity steam. The material has just been discharged from the granulator, the water content is 16%-18%, and the temperature is as high as 75℃-85℃. It is easy to deform and break, and it will also cause adhesion and mildew during storage. Must be reduced to below 14% and temperature reduced to 8°C below temperature.

Packing Process: Packaging machine

The final step in the pellet feed production process is packaging. After screening, qualified products are packaged for easy packing and transportation.

poultry feed production process for large capacity

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Crushing Process:

Before making chicken feed pellets, the raw materials should be pulverized. chicken feed crusher can crush raw ingredients to the required particle size. Chicken feed should not be too fine, because chickens like to eat pelleted feed or crushed grain feed, which can be used in combination with thickness. Rice and broken rice can be directly added to the mixer in pellet form. The crushing fineness of wheat and barley should be below 2.5 mm. Corn, Brown rice and bean cakes should be processed into powder.

Mixing Process:

Mixing is considered as one of the essential operations in poultry feed processing line, and the poultry feed mixer is the main machine in the chicken feed production line. It uses a blender to mix the ground ingredients. Our mixers are divided into three types: single shaft mixers, twin shaft paddle mixers and ribbon mixers. Both can be equipped with an atomizing spray system to add the required liquid to improve the quality of chicken feed pellets.

Pelleting Process:

The mixed powder feed is processed into pellet feed. Feed pellets are easy to digest. During the manufacturing process, the granulated raw material must be stirred with an appropriate amount of water at a high temperature for a period of time. The granulated raw material is ripened, softened and bonded, and the mechanical energy generated during granulation can increase the raw material. Damage levels are easier to digest. If the feed is easier to digest, the poultry can absorb its nutrients more quickly and the “meat ratio” will be lower. It tastes good and tastes good. The granules have a nice fragrance. The manufacturing process can also spray other materials on the surface of the granules. large capacity poultry feed pellet plant is good for commercial use.

chicken feed production process
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chicken feed production line

Crumbling Process:

In the production process of pellet feed, in order to save electricity, improve productivity and improve quality, the material is often made into pellets of a certain size, and then crushed into qualified products according to the size of the feed pellets. it is also for animal feed production line.

Screening Process:

After the pellet feed is processed by the crushing process, some unqualified materials, such as powder, will be produced. Therefore, the crushed pellet feed needs to be sieved into a product with neat particles and uniform size.

Cooling Process:

During the pelleting process, when the pellet feed comes out of the feed pellet machine, the water content reaches 16%-18%, and the temperature is as high as 75°C-85°C. It can also cause sticking and mildew during storage. Moisture must be reduced to below 14%, temperature must be below 8°C above air temperature, and a pellet cooler for cooling is required.

Packing Process:

The process of weighing, bagging and slitting finished products through automatic packaging equipment. Generally finished products are shipped in bulk and bags. Due to the limitations of transportation equipment and large-scale feeding, bagging is often used.

poultry feed manufacturing process flow chart

small poultry feed processing line layout

poultry feed manufacturing process flow chart

large poultry feed processing line layout

poultry feed production process flow chart

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