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what is floating fish feed pellet machine?

floating fish feed pellet making machine is single screw and dry type floating fish feed pellet machine which is mainly used to produce aquatic feed like for making fish feed pellet,tilapia feed,catfish feed pellet,shrimp feed,crab feed,turtle feed,goldfish feed pellet and so on.the finished pellet feed are puffed by high temperature through the heating plate in the machine. so the finished pellet can be floating on water about 24 hours because of being puffed. and finished pellet size can be 0.9mm,1mm,1.5mm,2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm,6mm,and so on till to the bigger 15mm. this fish feed making machine is multi function, except for manufacturing floating fish feed, it can also process livestock and poultry feed.

the floating fish feed machine can be used to process single raw materials and pretreat animal waste and raw materials in the production of vegetable oil.it has various production capacity from 30 kg per hour to 5000 kg per hour,which is divided into small scale capacity and large capacity.small floating fish feed pellet machine has production capacity ranged 30-50kg/h,60-80kg/h,100-150kg/h,180-300kg/h. these small fish feed making machine is very suitable for small fish farm,home use or small fish feed production factory.other production capacity like 1000kg/h or above usually used for industrial use and commerical use like floating fish feed manufacturing factory.

this floating fish feed pellet machine has two choices on power supply,it can be driven by eletric motor and diesel engine motor,diesel engine motor type is very good to the clients who has no 3 phase electricity or even no electricity at all.according to Wikipedia,Manufactured feeds are an important part of modern commercial aquaculture, providing the balanced nutrition needed by farmed fish. The feeds, in the form of granules or pellets, provide the nutrition in a stable and concentrated form, enabling the fish to feed efficiently and grow to their full potential.so you need a floating fish feed pelletizer machine to make your own fish feed for your fish farm.

Floating Fish Feed Machine
electric fish feed machine
Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine
diesel engine fish feed machine

Structure of floating fish feed making machine

Feeder (bucket)

The feeder (bucket) is mechanical and consists of a hopper, a rotary dial, a discharge pipe, a shell, etc.

Extrusion puffing device

The extrusion puffing device is the core part of the fish feed making machine. According to different uses, that is, pelleting different materials and different discharging methods, select the corresponding combination

Bearing Housing Assembly

Bearing box components mainly refer to bearing box body, left and right end caps, oil filler, oil standard, bearing, oil seal, etc. Its function is to support the main shaft, install accessories such as bearings, lubricate and cool the bearings

Electronic control system

The control system of DGP series floating fish feed machine is different in configuration according to the power of the main machine and the form of feeding. This floating fish feed producing machine is an independent control box, which is fixed on the machine

Floating Fish Feed Making Machine
Floating Fish Feed Processing Machine

working principle of floating fish feed machine

During the extrusion operation, the material is input from one end of the cavity opening and conveyed to the entire cavity by the screw,Then the supplementary extrusion part is divided into several regions,A ring (pressure ring) is placed between each zone as a flow and pressure control,The conveying action of the screw pushes the material to flow through the annular gap between the pressure ring and the inside of the machine cavity,The mechanical energy generated by the rotating motion of the screw is converted into heat energy due to the friction between the material and the various parts of the floating fish feed pellet machine and the internal friction of the material

As the material is extruded through the die hole at the end of the cavity,The dough-like material is processed into a certain shape,Due to the huge propulsion effect of the screw in the floating fish feed manufacturing machine cavity, a huge pressure is formed in the material,When these materials are extruded from the die hole, a large amount of water in the materials is vaporized in an instant,This greatly reduces the moisture content of the material

When producing low-density products, it would have a large expansion depends on the molecular structure of the material, and all condition and material used during the pelleting process

When producing high-density products, it would not expansion large depends on the purging pressure port on the cavity and all condition and material used during the pelleting process.

Fish Feed Production Machine
Small Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine

features of floating fish feed making machine


the floating fish feed processing machine is adapted to different production requirements, large and medium-sized feed factory can use it for processing raw material or special feed production. Such as detoxification of puffed full-fat soybean, puffed corn, cotton meal (or rapeseed meal) or puffed pet feed, fox feed or other specialty feeds and they can also use this fish feed making machine as the main equipment to produce full-price extruded feed


the floating fish feed pellet machine can adapt to different materials and different production conditions.This fish feed making machine is equipped with a mechanical feeder, and the production volume can be changed according to the situation.According to different puffing requirements, the corresponding extrusion screw group can be flexibly formed, and then matched with different outlet parts, which can adapt to different processing conditions


The structure of the floating fish feed machine is simple and practical. The whole machine is exquisite in shape, simple structure, easy operation.Advanced technology and humanized design ensures easy operation and reliable performance,Screw sleeve of this floating fish feed production machine adopts enchase alloy steel strip structure, which guarantees long service life,finished pellet can float on water 24 hours with different size

Advanced technology and durable life time

Advanced technology and humanized design ensure easy operation, reliable performance, high efficiency and low power consumption. The screw sleeve of the small fish feed pellet machine adopts an alloy steel belt structure and has a long service life.

cost effective

Dry type floating fish feed pellet machine do not require a steam boiler, and it is cheaper and easier to use and operate than wet type floating fish feed making machine.

Outstanding performance

High temperature and high pressure increase gelatinization, which can kill bacteria in raw materials and make fish feed pellets easy to digest and absorb

high Adaptable

It is worth noting that the nutritional requirements of fish vary by species, size, growth stage and feeding habits. Depending on these differences in fish, different molds can be chosen to make pellets of different diameters and shapes. We provide different molds for customers to choose

Application of floating fish feed pellet making machine

 It is widely used in the production of high-grade aquatic feed pellets such as fish, catfish feed pellet, shrimp feed pellet, crab, turtle etc.
 The final feed pellets have unique shape and good taste, high nutrition and smooth textures.
 The floating time of the finished pellets on the water can be adjusted by the degree of squeezing, generally can be over 24 hours. 
 At present, the floating fish feed processing machine has become an ideal fish feed production equipment for small and medium-sized fish farms (catfish feed pellet, tilapia feed pellet, shrimp feed pellet, etc.) or fish feed manufacturing factory.

Floating Pellet Machine Price
Fish Feed Pelleting Machine Price
Fish Feed Machine For Sale

raw materials for floating fish feed machine

corn,maize,soybean, rice : contain about 10-14% of protein and also contain vitamin B1, B2, B6 and small quantity of enzyme.

straw meal,grass meal,rice bran,wheat chaff: contain fiber, control many types of fish diseases

 Mustard Cake: Mix maximum 40% of cake in the fish feed. But don’t use dry cake more than 20%. Mustard cake contain 30-32% protein.

cotton seeds,sunflower seeds,rapeseed: contain about 54% protein. It is a better ingredients for supplementary fish feed.

fish meal,fish oil: easily digestible to fish. Fishmeal contain about 55-60% protein.

bone powder: very necessary for building fish-bone. The ratio of calcium and magnesium in the bone dust is 2 : 1

 Innards : very suitable and ideal feed for catfish feed pellet making. It contain 52% protein.

Floating Fish Feed Machine For Sale

The grinding fineness of raw materials of pellet feed above 1mm is required to be around 60-80 mesh. For pellet feed of 1mm and below, the grinding fineness of raw materials is generally recommended to be 100 mesh and above. After mixing a variety of raw materials, it is generally recommended to control the moisture at about 25-30%. For example, conventional raw materials will have about 10-13% moisture. On this basis, about 18% of water can be added, that is, 100kg of raw materials. Add about 18kg of water. Considering the different moisture content of different raw materials in different regions, the amount of water added can be controlled according to the actual situation.

In principle: the maximum particle size should be less than 1/3 of the diameter of the die hole
Requirement of raw material crushing fineness for processing aquatic extruded feed
die mold aperture φ (mm)grinding fineness required
1.095% reach to 90-100 mesh
1.595% reach to 80 mesh
2.095% reach to 80 mesh
3.095% reach to 60 mesh
4.095% reach to 60 mesh
5.095% reach to 60 mesh

Spare parts for floating fish feed pellet machine

the main working part of floating fish pellet machine are screw,die mold,sleeve tube,heating plate and cutting knife,and these parts are also easy wearing,when you buy floating fish feed pellet machine,you should buy more these spare parts, in order to ensure it will not affect and stop floating fish feed production. and if you want to manufacture different pellet size and different pellet shape,you should buy more die molds indeed.through changing different die molds, you can produce different pellet size like 0.9mm,1mm,1.5mm,2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm,6mm,and so on. and different shape like round ball shape,bone shape,heart shape,footprint shape,triangle shape.

Floating Fish Pellet Machine
screw rods
Floating Fish Feed Machine Price
die molds
Fish Feed Pellet Machine For Sale
cutting blades
Small Fish Feed Pellet Machine
sleeves and heating plate

Troubleshooting of floating fish pellet machine

When puffed, the discharge pipe does not dischargeThe gap is too small and tight between the discharge adjusting screw and the conical surface of the conical bullet1.Loosen the set screw
2.After tightening the adjusting screw, turn it back 3-4 turns
3.Replace the air lock
The puffing temperature does not meet the specified requirements1.Improperly configured steam plug
2.The wearing parts are seriously worn
1.Reconfigure the steam plug
2.Replace wearing parts
Puffing temperature is unstable1.feeding hopper is knotted
2.material feeding is unstable
1.check feeding hopper
2.check feeding screw
Unexpectedly not discharging after working normallyThe discharge hole is blocked by foreign objects such as metalstop machine and clean discharging hole

Maintainence of floating fish feed making machine

Fish Feed Producing Machine
Fish Feed Pellet Machine Price

The inside and outside of the fish feed production equipment should be cleaned after each shift, especially the material should not be retained in the extruding chamber, so as to avoid it being difficult to clean up after cooling and agglomeration;

(Suggestion: when not producing on the same day, please fill the extruding chamber with water and soak it until the next day,this will be easy to clean.)

Pay attention to frequent cleaning of the large pulley of the main shaft of the puffing cavity, and do not accumulate too much dust, otherwise the belt will be unbalanced and cause the puffing cavity to vibrate. Regularly check the tightness of the belt;

The main bearing of the expansion chamber is lubricated with lubricating oil, and the bearings of the feed conditioner and its transmission device and other bearing parts are lubricated with grease.

No. 2 lithium base grease must be added to lubricate and protect the sealing ring of the material seal of the feed extruding cavity every shift

When replacing vulnerable parts (extrusion screw, steam plug, gasket, etc.), tap with a copper rod, and do not hit hard with hard objects.
It is strictly forbidden to place heavy objects or stand on the puffing cavity

Raw materials should be cleaned, and foreign objects such as metal are strictly prohibited from entering the machine

If the extruded material is not used or replaced for a long time, the material in the hopper and extruding cavity (group) should be cleaned to avoid agglomeration, mildew or cross-contamination between materials

Check belt tightness monthly between the machine and electric motor or diesel engine motor

Adjust and operation of floating feed pellet machine

Floating Fish Feed Making Machine

Note: blades needs to be close to the mold,make blades bend slightly and turn it clockwise by hand lightly,not press too hard. when use, adding a little of oil between the blade and the mold.

Floating Fish Feed Machine

Note: The bearing box of DGP60 and below models is filled with high temperature resistant butter, which can be injected through the grease nozzle on the side of the casing.

Check the fasteners and connecting parts, and there must be no looseness

Observe the bearing box oil mark, whether it is higher than the horizontal plane of the bearing box center,If it is lower than this level, the oil should be supplemented (No. 60 oil in summer, No. 40 oil in winter);Lubricate each shaft end bearing

Check whether the connection between the electronic control system and each load is correct

Adjust the tensioning screw at the end of the guide rail of the main motor base to make the belt tension appropriate.

Remove the discharge box (together with the subsequent equipment of the discharge box),Slowly turn the main shaft counterclockwise, when there is no obvious friction sound, then tighten the bullet counterclockwise. (without loading box and subsequent equipment)

Turn on the main motor power, start the main motor, and observe whether the installation of the whole fish feed making machine is balanced,check whether the connection of each part is tight,If abnormal vibration or loose fasteners are found, stop the floating fish feed machine immediately for inspection and adjustment

Start the feeding motor, accelerate gradually (the amount of feeding is adjusted from this during normal operation), observe the operation of each part, and then reduce it to a stop state.

Check whether other equipments matched with the floating fish feed pellet making machine work normally.

During the debugging process, when you need to start a certain motor and do not want the front motor to run, you can take off its air switch.Retain the mutual control relationship, and then start and stop according to the start and stop sequence

specifications of floating fish feed machine

electric fish feed pellet machine

ModelCapacity(kg)Main Power(kw)Feeding Power(kw)Cutting Power(kw)Screw Diameter(mm)

diesel engine fish feed pellet machine

ModelCapacity(kg)Main Power(HP)Feeding Power(kw)Cutting Power(kw)Screw Diameter(mm)

Some Project examples of floating fish feed pellet machine


Floating Fish Feed Making Machine In Nigeria

Export to Nigeria

Mr Ikena from Nigeria bought model VTGP-70 diesel engine floating fish feed machine to produce floating pellet for fish farm for his client in Nigeria,along with the fish feed machine he bought 3 extra die molds for different pellet size and 1 set of blades.he want diesel engine type because he has no 3 phase electricity but only single phase.


Fish Feed Pellet Machine Price In Uganda

Export to Uganda

Mr Raymond from Uganda bought model VTGP-80 with diesel engine power,because he has no 3 phase electricity in his fish farm.VTGP-80 production output is 250-350kg/h,and require power 32HP.this type floating fish feed machine is very suitable for medium size fish farm,and fish farm which is lack of 3 phase electricity in Uganda.


Floating Fish Feed Machine In Ghana

Export to Malawi

Mr Chisale from Malawi bought VTGP-40 in Year 2020,VTGP-40 is the smallest fish feed making machine with output 30-50kg/h, and it is very good to small fish farm and home use in Malawi.this model fish feed production equipment can be powered by single phase either 3 phase electricity,so if you just need a small machine,you can use electricity power


Floating Fish Feed Machine Price In Banladesh

Export to Bangladesh

Mr Sergio from Bangladesh bought VTGP-70 in Year 2017,this model fish feed pellet machine require 3 phase electricity of 18.5kw,he bought extra die molds of 2mm,5mm,8mm,12mm and 15mm for different pellet size for his fish farm in Bangladesh.


Floating Fish Feed Machine Price In Tanzania

Export to Tanzania

Mr Mbezi from Tanzania bought VTGP-60 in Year 2015,after 2 years,in Year 2017 He bought two more VTGP-60 fish feed machines with spare parts of 1 screw,1 sleeve, 1 set of cutters,and die molds of 2mm,3mm,7mm for different size for fishes at different age for his fish farm in Tanzania.


Fish Feed Making Machine Price In Kolkata India

Export to Kolkata India

Mr  Chakraborty from Kolkata India bought model VTGP-80 floating fish feed making machine in Year 2020 with 3 phase electricity of 18.5kw and along with the fish feed manufacturing machine he bought 3 die molds with different size and 3 sets of blades for long term us in Kolkata India.

working video of flating fish feed pellet machine

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