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what is poultry feed pellet machine?

Poultry feed pellet making machine is one of the pellet feed making machines in the market due to the advancement of technology. They make it easier to make poultry feed pellets for various animals such as fish feed, sheep feed, cattle feed, poultry feed, rabbit feed, chicken feed, duck feed, cheese feed, etc. The poultry feed machine is capable of producing pellets with diameters ranging from 2 mm to 8 mm. The production capacity is 100kg/hour to 1000kg/hour. This means that you can control the production speed according to the market demand. the poultry feed processing machine are a huge boost for small farmers in the market because of the small amount of capital they can invest in the poultry feed manufacturing machine.

The raw materials of this poultry feed processing equipment are also very common, such as corn meal, rice husk, straw meal, grass meal, alfalfa, etc. As a professional poultry feed production machine manufacturer, we provide technical support, low cost price and good service.Considering the different power, our poultry feed production equipment can also be driven by diesel engine and electric motor. Electricity for our poultry feed making machine can be single phase or three phase.

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advantages of poultry feed pellet making machine

Low Investment

Due to the small size of poultry feed processing machine, poultry feed making machine requires a very small area. This reduces the cost of renting a large area to install it and saving much time it takes to install it.

Low Production Cost

poultry feed machine does not require many people to operate. in fact, it only takes one or two man to operate. This greatly reduces labor cost but largely reduce production cost. Low production cost means profit.

Highly Environmentally

By high pressure and high pressing temperature, it can kill general pathogenic microorganisms and parasites and prevent the occurrence of certain diseases. this will protect all poultries from diseases.

highly Convinient

The poultry feed manufacturing equipment has a simple structure, small size and light weight,so it is more convenient to install. You can assemble different parts in a few minutes.since it is easier on installation, it will save your installation cost at the same time, and easy maintenaince.

Wide Application

Poultry feed machines are capable of producing pellets of different sizes for different poultry and livestock. This means that you can use one machine to feed all animals at the same time. Poultry feed making machines make it easier for farmers to keep different types of animals on farm

Low Installation Cost

Chicken feeders are simple and compact, making them easier to buy and install. You can assemble different parts in just a few minutes. This reduces the amount of cash required to call qualified personnel for assembly. You just need a qualified person and another to help him.

poultry feed pellet making machine

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features of poultry feed making machine

Simple Maintenance: As we said, these poultry feed manufacturing equipment components are easy to maintain when pellet mills are inexpensive. Proper lubrication, wiping off accumulated dust, and regular maintenance are enough to keep your chicken pellet machine in good shape.

Multi-aperture design: This means you can use the same poultry feed making machine to make chicken feed or another livestock feed. When preparing feed pellets for another animal, simply switch between the available apertures.

Stable drive system: The upgraded belt drive and drive system of the Taichang pellet mill is another feature that stands out. With a car-like rear axle differential assembly, you can expect excellent performance and efficient production cycles. Additionally, the couplings are made of high-quality steel to minimize gear ratio losses.

Easy for Beginners: This poultry feed pelletizer mill is easy to operate and requires little or no expertise. Only one person is required to operate, thereby reducing labor costs. Our beginner’s guide on how to make chicken feed with a machine contains everything you need.

Multiple rated power: our poultry feed pellet machine has different models with different rated power. From 4HP to around 50HP, there are various options. Different models have different power. Depending on your choice, you can buy petrol, diesel or electric motor types.

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application of poultry feed machine

This poultry feed pellet machine is mainly suitable for rabbit raising, fish, duck, chicken, shrimp, pig, cattle, sheep and industrial pellet processing. and it is usually together used with poultry feed mixer machine. It is widely used in industry, plastic pellets, organic fertilizer pellets, wood pellets, etc.

The grain like corn can be added directly without crushing. that means you do not need a poultry feed crusher. The granular feed processed by this poultry feed processing machine has a smooth surface and moderate hardness. During the processing, the temperature rises and the nutrients inside the raw materials can be better maintained.

The particle composition is uniform, the shape is neat, and the pore size of the particle size can be divided into: φ2, φ2.5, φ3, φ3.5, φ4, φ5, φ6, φ7, φ8, etc. When ordering, users can choose according to the needs of different growth periods of breeding poultrys

By squeezing, it can kill general pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, and can prevent the occurrence of some diseases. Due to the low moisture content of pellet feed, it is easy to store and can remain in the original state for a long time in water, which greatly improves the utilization rate of feed.

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maintenance of poultry feed making machine

Users must do regular maintenance and correct operation of the feed pellet machine to ensure better working efficiency and longer service life of the machine. The operator should be familiar with the operation manual of the feed pellet machine, be familiar with the performance, structure and use of the machine, and install, debug and maintain it according to the regulations.

After processing, loosen the clearance adjustment screw to keep the roller in a free state. After the machine is stopped, remove the residual material from the upper and lower warehouses, especially the residual material at the bottom of the shaker to avoid damage to the bearing.

The hyperbolic heavy-duty gear oil for heavy-duty vehicles produced by regular manufacturers is preferred. (The oil drum is marked with hyperbolic heavy duty gear oil), Gear oil plays the role of lubrication, cooling, rust prevention and buffering.

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When using, it should be noted that there are no foreign objects such as stones and iron blocks in the raw materials. After more than ten shifts of work, the pressure roller needs to be disassembled, and high temperature resistant grease should be added to the bearing to make the pressure roller work well and prolong the service life of the bearing.

During granulation, it is strictly forbidden for the roller to be in contact with the template, and the continuous feeding should not be interrupted. At the same time, the nut of the roller shaft should be locked to avoid loosening and damage to the keyway of the main shaft.

Always check the tightness of the screws in all parts of the machine, if there is oil leakage in the gearbox, replace the oil seal in time, and check whether the bearings in the machine head are short of oil

Before the poultry feed machine is turned on, it is necessary to add a little more material, and then turn it on. When the machine is turned off, a little feed should be left in the machine to prevent the rollers of the machine from idling in contact with the template.

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working principle of poultry feed processing machine

When starting to produce pellet feed, the raw material should be slowly put into the poultry feed pellet machine, and the mold temperature should be raised slowly. When the poultry feed pellet making machine is just started, if too much raw materials are put in, it is easy to cause the mold of the pellet machine to be blocked, which should increase with the increase of the temperature of the poultry feed pellet machine, because the productivity of the livestock feed pellet machine is different according to the characteristics of the raw materials, and the feeding speed should also be adjustment.

Why Choose Poultry Feed Processing Equipment?

In recent years, the improvement of portable poultry feed pellet making machine has greatly facilitated people’s lives. Farmers can have a homemade poultry feed factory and make feed pellets anytime, anywhere. It helps farmers turn various grains into feed pellets. For individuals, this diesel poultry feed pelletizer can not only save you a lot of budget on the basis of providing sufficient feed, but also can effectively accelerate the growth of poultry and provide the rich nutrition that poultry needs. Therefore, many farmers have started to choose portable poultry feed pellet plant to process their own feed pellets. you can also use our feed pellet mill to make animal feed like for cattle feed.

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This poultry feed processing equipment for small poultry farms or home use is different from other feed pellet making machine. As for poultry, they are preserved for fast and healthy growth. Feeds for poultry should emphasize nutrition and composition. We developed this homemade poultry feed pelletizer and focused on improving nutritional integrity and palatability, which can speed up poultry growth more than usual. What’s more, poultry need different sizes of feed pellets at different growth stages, and this poultry feed pelletizer machine can make 2-10 mm feed pellets to meet different needs. if you have a fish farming business, you should check our floating fish feed pellet machine.

specification of poultry feed machine

electric poultry feed making machine

ModelElectric Power(kw)Output(kg/h)Weight(kg)

diesel engine poultry feed making machine

ModelDiesel Engine Power(HP)Output(kg/h)Weight(kg)

some projects examples of poultry feed manufacturing machine


poultry feed machine for sale nigeria

Export to Nigeria

Mr Marco from Nigeria bought 15 sets of model VTKLP-150 electric poultry feed machine with 4 kw electricity power to produce poultry feed pellet for farm for his client in Nigeria, along with the poultry feed manufacturing machine he bought 36 extra die molds for different pellet size. for this power need 3 phases electricity.


poultry feed making machine price uganda

Export to Uganda

Mr Mike from Uganda bought model VTKLP-260 with electricity power, this model poultry feed machine production capacity is 500-600kg/h for his poultry farm and require power 3 phase electricity. this type poultry feed machine is very suitable for medium size poultry farm, and it can be diesel engine if you dont have 3 phase electricity in Uganda.


poultry feed machine price pakistan

Export to Pakistan

Mr Mian from Pakistan bought VTKLP-400 in Year 2020, VTKLP-400 poultry feed making machine is the bigger poultry feed production equipment with output 1200-1500kg/h, and it is very good to medium poultry farm in Pakistan. this model poultry feed pellet machine can be powered by diesel engine either 3 phase electricity.


poultry feed pellet machine philippines

Export to Philippines

Mr Christine from Philippines bought model VTKLP-210 diesel engine poultry feed machine with 12HP to produce poultry feed pellet for his poultry farm in Philippines, this model poultry feed machine can produce pellets 200-300kg per hour. it is suitable for small farm or home use. and he bought 3 extra die molds for different pellet size.


poultry feed making machine for sale nepal

Export to Nepal

Mr Nick from Nepal bought model VTKLP-210 with 7.5kw power, along with the poultry feed making machine he bought poultry feed crusher for crushing raw materials. VTKLP-210 poultry feed machine production output is 300-400kg/h,and require 3 phase electricity. crushing raw materials is necessary before pelleting in Nepal.


poultry feed making machine price australia

Export to Australia

Mr Angie from Australia bought 1 set of model VTKLP-150 with capacity 150kg/h,and model VTKLP-400 with 1500kg/h in Year 2019, along with these two poultry feed making machine he bought 2 sets of die molds of 8mm, and it is very good to small poultry farm and medium poultry farm. these two poultry feed machine must be 3 phase electricity.


poultry feed making machine for sale in bangladesh

Export to Bangladesh

Mr Johan from Bangladesh bought VTKLP-230 in Year 2019, this model poultry feed pellet machine require 3 phase electricity of 11kw or diesel engine of 15HP, he bought extra 1 set of dies and 1 set of rollers for different pellet size for his farm in Bangladesh.


poultry feed machine for sale south africa

Export to South Africa

Mrs Sean from South Africa bought VTKLP-300 in Year 2020, with 22 kw electricity power and his electricity voltage is 230V, we customize motor for him,except the main machine, he also bought spare parts of 1 set of rollers, and 1 set of die molds for different size .


poultry feed processing machine kolkata india

Export to Kolkata India

Mr  Cesar from Kolkata India bought model VTKLP-260 poultry feed making machine and 9FQ-360 crusher machine in Year 2021 with 3 phase electricity of 15kw and along with the poultry feed manufacturing machine he bought 3 die molds for different pellet size.

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