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rabbit pellet mill introduction

rabbit pellet mill are a growing industry due to the recent increase in demand for livestock and pets. People are concerned about not being able to provide their rabbits with nutrient-dense feed, and the solution to this problem is to build a rabbit feed pellet mill that distributes all the nutrients evenly in the pet’s food. Especially having a rabbit pellet machine is a good thing as rabbit farming has recently started to become a popular business. so at now many people feed animals such as pigs, sheep, chickens, rabbits, etc with feed pellets made by themselves.

These rabbits have large demand for feed and things are big, some people buy feed pellets from pellet production plants, but some people choose to make feed pellets for rabbits by themselves. Then when you decide How much do you know when buying a rabbit pellet making machine? Many people are inexperienced in making feed pellets, and different people have different questions about making feed pellets with a rabbit pellet maker machine.

Rabbit Pellet Mill For Sale Low Price
Rabbit Feed Pellet Mill Price For Sale

benefits of making rabbit feed pellet

Rabbit pellets are a type of food produced by rabbit pellet mill that can provide rabbits with a large amount of vitamins and minerals which is necessary for rabbits growing. On average, rabbits eat about 1 ounce of pellets per pound of body weight. Rabbit pellets have long been considered the foundation of a rabbit diet. But in reality, rabbit feed pellets are more important in the young stages of rabbit development than in adult rabbits. That’s because they are highly concentrated in nutrients that help ensure proper weight gain in young rabbits.

However, as the rabbit matures, there should be fewer pellets in the feed replace with more hay and vegetables or grass. Overfeeding pellets in mature rabbits can lead to obesity as well as other diseases. A rabbit’s digestive system requires the proper balance of nutrients for healthy growth and energy. pellet are the most ideal rabbit food, and most rabbit owners choose rabbit feed pellet to feed their rabbits because they are nutrient-dense, which is made up of compressed alfalfa, grains, and vitamins that can be fed to rabbits at all ages and the pellet feed are easy to store. Here, we will detail the benefits of feed pellets for raising rabbits.

good pellet palatability

In the pelleting process, there is a process called starch paste, which makes the feed pellets have a delicious taste, increases palatability of the pellets. As a result, the food taste can be increased by 10%-15%.

proper pellets rigidity

Appropriate particle stiffness. Compared with wet mix powder, the rigidity of feed pellets is greatly improved, which is more suitable for rabbits’ hobbies and hobbies to grind their teeth with hard things.

sterilization and digestion

It can effectively prevent the nutritional imbalance caused by picky eating in rabbits, improve digestibility of feed, and is beneficial to the digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal tract of rabbits.

feed digestion rate

Sterilization also reduces the spread of disease. feed pellets after a short period of high temperature as high as 70°C-100°C during the pressing, it can kill some parasite eggs and pathogenic microorganisms.

why making rabbit feed with rabbit pellet machine

Improve immunity:

The pellets produced by the rabbit feed pellet mill contain equal amounts of nutrients, creating a very healthy combination that prevents infection and disease in rabbits.


Since all the feed is combined into these small pellets, it is easier and more convenient to pack, store and transport, thus saving a lot of storage and transport costs.

Rabbit Pellet Mill Cost Low Price
Rabbit Pellet Mill
Increased growth:

These pellets mature during the manufacturing process, which increases the digestibility of the food and helps speed up the rabbit’s health and growth.

Rabbits get fresh feed:

If you are in the rabbit feeding business and have a rabbit pellet maker machine, you can easily control the nutrients in the pellets and provide your rabbits with fresh food.

Avoid picky eaters:

Since the rabbit feed pellet mill mixes all the feeds together, rabbits cannot choose what to eat, thus providing them with a well-mixed nutritious food. This also ensures that the particles produced are of high quality.

tips on feeding rabbit with pellet made by rabbit feed pellet mill

Once you have determined the type of pellets you are purchasing, make sure to always use the same brand and type of pellets. Some rabbits do not do well with sudden changes in feed, which can cause digestive problems. If it must be replaced, the old feed must be mixed with the new feed to allow the rabbit’s digestive tract to adapt to the new feed. Make sure you have enough old feeds to slowly switch to new feeds. Do this gradually over at least a week. If possible, you can buy an electric rabbit feed pellet machine with a simple structure, small footprint, cost-effective, and low consumption to produce your own rabbit feed pellets to avoid changes.

Rabbit Feed Pellet Making Machine
Rabbit Pellet Mill Price

Store granules in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. This protects the particles from dust, sunlight, darkness. Try to keep the lid closed, this will reduce the chance of germs. Do not mix grains and seeds with rabbit feed pellets, as the rabbit will choose its favorite food and leave the rest, which means it will not get a balanced diet. Do not overfeed your rabbit. Obesity in rabbits can lead to a shortened lifespan. Up to 1/8 cup of high-fiber pellets per 1.8 kg of body weight per day is fine. Young rabbits can freely choose particles before the age of 6 to 8 months, and then reduce to the above maintenance amount.

specification of rabbit pellet making machine

diesel engine rabbit pellet machine

ModelDiesel Engine Power(HP)Output(kg/h)Weight(kg)

electric rabbit pellet machine

ModelElectric Power(kw)Output(kg/h)Weight(kg)

video of rabbit pellet maker

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