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pig feed pellet machine introduction

The pig feed pellet machine is designed with a flat die structure and is a good pig feed making machine for people who want to save the cost of making pig feed pellets. it is an animal feed pellet mill. This pig feed machine is a popular product for homemade pellets. It has small size which makes it very easy to move and can be powered by diesel engine or electricity. The key components of the pig feed pellet making machine are a flat die and a pellet roll. During granulation, the prepared raw material falls into the area between the granulation die and the drum.

The pressure between the die and the roller will then compress the material through the holes in the die. Then, on the other side of the flat die, the density feed pellets will be extruded and cut into predetermined lengths before falling out of the pig feed pellet mill.

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features of pig feed machine

The pig feed pellet machine can make feed pellets from various raw materials: grain straw, forage grass, corn straw, rice bran, bean shell, peanut shell, pesticide residue, forest waste, etc.

this pig feed pellet making machine are capable of pressing feed pellets of various diameters (usually from 2mm to 8mm) and lengths with different sizes of bore diameter and various compression ratios. Die-car and roller-car diesel pellet mills are made of high quality alloy steel and their service life is at least more than 800 hours.

The pig feed granulator machine also has the advantages of small size, simple design, compact structure, low power consumption, convenient operation, less maintenance, low noise and long service life. need. It is also cost-effective because it uses low-priced diesel.

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usage of pig feed making machine

The pig feed pellet mill can only be turned on after adding hyperbolic gear oil into the gearbox.

Install the pig feed making machine smoothly, run it in the direction indicated by the arrow, check whether the screws in each part are loose, loosen the clearance adjustment screws on the roller shaft seat, and make the feed machine in a no-load state.

Before the new pig feed machine is used for the first time, take 10 catties of sawdust (grass powder) and 1 kg of flour mixed with oil as the grinding material of the new machine and mix well, and turn the gap adjustment screw to make the two rollers rotate at the same speed. Gradually add the grinding material, and at the same time continue to screw the adjusting screw of the pressing wheel until the pellets are slowly released. are you running a fish farming? and are you looking for fish feed pellet machine?

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pig feed pellet making machine

The extruded pellets are repeatedly squeezed to make the die hole lubricated and smooth, and then slowly add the mixed feed to be processed for processing, such as feeling the die. If the hole resistance is large, the output is low or no material is produced, the template can be repeatedly ground according to the above method to make the die hole lubricated and smooth before processing.

During feed processing, if there are more refined fibers, about 5% of water should be added. If there are too many concentrates in the mixed feed, the amount of water added can be reduced as appropriate. When the processing is completed, the remaining material is about 5 kilograms, and a little is mixed with oil in advance A good grinding material is beneficial to the next startup, to avoid the feed drying in the hole after the shutdown, otherwise the residual material in the template hole will be removed after the shutdown.

After the processing is completed, loosen the adjusting screw to keep the roller in a free state. After the pig feed machine is stopped, remove the residual material from the upper and lower warehouses, especially the residual material at the bottom of the throwing plate to avoid damage to the bearing.

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why making pig feed pellet?

In recent years, with the rapid development of the pig industry, traditional feed has been unable to meet the demand for feed. Farmers are looking to find another feed product that is easily accessible, easy to store, nutritious for pigs and lower in cost. no way? Try pig feed pellets. Pellets are healthier and more nutritious than traditional forages.

The raw material of feed pellets can be grass residues or grain residues which are easily available, on the other hand it is a green and recyclable solution. In addition, the ingredients in the feed pellets are well mixed, so cows can no longer freely use certain feeds or ingredients when feeding them. This ensures a nutritional balance. You can also make separate recipes for chickens, pigs, cows, fish or other animals, mix them into pellets so you can get all your poultry and livestock feed pellets.

advantages of pig pellet feed

Good palatability

Pellets contain some condiments during processing, such as honey and oil, and pigs’ rations will also increase; pigs like to eat plant rhizomes, and the pellets are made of imitated plant rhizomes, which are more palatable. In addition, the pelleted feed has been matured and expanded, which changes the feed structure and increases the appetite of pigs.

Reduce stratification

Pig farmers may find this problem when using self-mixing ingredients. Some compound feeds are layered. Due to the different densities and volumes of various powders, there will be delamination when put together. This situation can lead to uneven distribution of nutrients, which is not conducive to the growth of pigs.

High stability

Powdered feeds are prone to moisture, agglomeration, and even mold; powdered feeds are easily oxidized when exposed to the air for a long time, while pelleted feeds have less contact with the air after extrusion, and the storage time is longer. In addition, the pellet feed is processed during the processing, and the moisture-proof effect is good.

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specification of pig feed pellet mill

Diesel Engine Pig Feed Machine

ModelDiesel Engine Power(HP)Output(kg/h)Weight(kg)

Electric Pig Feed Machine

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