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There are many kinds of pellet feed production machinery and equipment. Cattle feed pellet machine also belongs to a kind of feed production machine, which is used to convert dry milled powder into small and medium pellets for cattle consumption. our cattle feed machine can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine motor. the cattle feed making machine can not only produce cow feed pellet, but also can produce other animal feed and poultry feed.

The feed pellets produced by the cattle feed processing machine can be adjusted to different sizes through the diameter of different types of die. And, with different compression ratios and raw material properties, livestock feed pellets can be produced by the cattle feed manufacturing machine. The feed pellets produced by our cattle feed pellet mill are smooth on the surface and fully mature inside, which is not only conducive to the digestion and absorption of nutrients, but also kills common pathogenic microorganisms and parasites. our cattle feed machine also has different production capacity from small scale to large production capacity.

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features of cattle feed making machine

More economical to store and transport. After pelleting, the bulk density of cattle feed will generally increase by about 40-100%, which can reduce storage and save transportation costs.

Avoid automatic classification of cattle feed ingredients and reduce environmental pollution. In the process of powder storage and transportation, it is easy to produce classification due to the different volume and mass of powder. The cattle feed ingredients are not classified after granulation, otherwise the cattle pellets are not easy to raise dust, and the pollution of air and water is less than that of the powder during the granulation process.

High feed rate. During the granulation process of cattle feed, due to the combined effects of water, temperature and pressure, some physical and chemical reactions will occur in the cattle feed to gelatinize starch and enhance the activity of enzymes. This allows cattle animals to digest cattle feed more efficiently, which is then converted into weight gain.

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Good liquidity and easy to manage. Many powders, especially the specific gravity of the piles, are added with molasses or high fat, and the urea feed is often attached to the silo. Cattle pellet feed is most popular on large dairy farms with automatic feeders because it is highly fluid and rarely sticks.

Kills Salmonella in animal feed. Salmonella bacteria remain in animal tissues after being ingested by animals, and people who eat animals infected with the bacteria may develop Salmonella gastroenteritis. Steam high temperature quenching, tempering and pelleting can kill Salmonella in cattle feed.

More economical to store and transport. After pelleting, the bulk density of cattle feed will generally increase by about 40-100%, which can reduce storage and save transportation costs.

raw materials for cattle feed pellet mill

There are thousands of cattle feed ingredients. The most common are premix, soybean meal, bran, cotton cake, bone meal, soybean straw, peanut seedling, rapeseed cake, cornmeal, soybean cake, bean curd residue, corn stover, baking soda, salt, wheat straw, sweet potato shoots, pasture grass, weeds, straw, distiller’s grains, etc. Under modern breeding conditions, the food structure of cattle is generally dominated by two kinds of roughage and concentrate, which are properly matched with other roughages. Pastures are usually based on fresh grass, hay, and tree stems and leaves. Common roughages include distiller’s grains and tofu dregs. Therefore, forage or roughage is usually easy to find and you can buy directly from raw material suppliers.

pay attention to cattle feed manufacturing machine

When using cattle feed processing machine, it should be noted that there should be no foreign objects such as stones and iron blocks in the raw materials. After more than ten shifts of work, the pressure roller needs to be disassembled, and high temperature resistant grease should be added to the bearing to make the pressure roller work well and prolong the service life of the bearing.

During granulation, it is strictly forbidden for the pressing roller and the template to contact and idling, and the continuous feeding cannot be interrupted.

If the final pellets are broken or crumbled, the crude fiber feed formula should be reduced to less than 50%.

If there is no granulation and no material during granulation, the template should be removed, and after casting hole by hole, some fiber feed can be added appropriately to restart granulation.

Cattle Feed Pellet Making Machine
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The tightness of the screws in various parts of the cattle feed manufacturing machine should be checked frequently. If the gearbox has oil leakage, replace the oil seal in time, and check whether the bearings in the machine head are short of oil.

When the cow feed pellet machine is working, do not put your hand into the feeding port. If necessary, you can use a wooden stick to help feed the material.

Before the cattle feed making machine is turned on, it is necessary to add a little more material, and then turn it on. When the cattle feed processing machine is turned off, a little feed should be left in the machine to prevent the rollers of the machine from idling in contact with the template.

If the cattle feed production machine is stuck during operation, stop the cattle feed production equipment immediately, press the rollers until the bolts are loosened, and then restart the machine.

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correct usage of gear oil for cattle feed processing machine

The hyperbolic heavy-duty gear oil for heavy-duty vehicles produced by regular manufacturers is preferred. (The oil drum is marked with hyperbolic heavy duty gear oil)

Gear oil plays the role of lubrication, cooling, rust prevention and buffering.

The hyperbolic gear used in the gearbox of this cattle feed manufacturing machine has the advantages of large local transmission ratio, stable transmission, and can improve the strength of the pinion.

The quality of the hyperbolic gear oil directly affects the life of the gear. The viscosity of the gear oil is too low, and the oil film cannot be formed between the tooth surfaces, which will aggravate the wear. In severe cases, the gears are ground into knives.

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specification of cattle feed machine

electric cattle feed machine

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diesel engine cattle feed machine

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video of cattle feed pellet mill

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