feed mixer machine price mixing poultry feed and animal feed

what is feed mixer machine?

Feed mixers machine is used in feed mills to mix feed raw materials and premixes. feed mixing machine plays an important role in the feed production process and efficient mixing is the key to good feed production. If the feed is not mixed properly, the ingredients and nutrients will not be distributed correctly when extruding and pelleting the feed, or when the feed is used as a mash.

This means that not only would the feed not have nutritional benefit, it would be bad for the animals that are eating it. according to Wikipedia, feed mixer machine has types of vertical feed mixer machine and horizontal feed mixer machine, today we mainly talk about horizontal type.feed mixer machine is ribbon type mixing equipment which is used for mixing dry powder materials and mash feed powder. when making mash feed it is used for mixing chicken feed, mixing cattle feed, mixing pig feed, mixing goat feed, mixing rabbit feed, mixing duck feed, mixing fish feed and so on. it is a key equipment in feed production line and fish feed production line.

the feed mixer machine production output ranges from 100 kg per hour to 5000 kg per hour, which is divided into small feed mixer machine and large feed mixing machine. small feed mixing machine has production capacity ranged 100kg/h-200kg/h, 200kg/h-300kg/h, 300kg/h-500kg/h, 500kg/h-800kg/h,1 ton feed mixer machine, 2 tons feed mixing machine and even more bigger capacity for your choice and it can be driven by electric motor and diesel engine motor.

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electric feed mixer machine

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diesel engine feed mixer machine

One of the main applications of animal feed mixer machine is mixing grain powder with other nutrients in feed pellet production. During the mixing process, you can add other liquids into the raw materials to make the final products more nutritious. animal pig feed mixer machine are ideal for the pretreatment of feed mixtures for aquaculture, poultry and fish feed pellets. The poultry feed mixer machine can also be used to mix chemical products, compound fertilizers, additives, health care products, etc.

The material of the screw belt horizontal feed mixer can be stainless steel or carbon steel. The fish feed mixer machine consists of a container, a screw blade and a transmission part. The spiral blade is divided into two layers. The outer screw moves the material from its sides to the center section, while the inner screw transfers the material to the sides for convective mixing. When we use multiple raw materials to make feed pellets through a feed pellet machine, we have to use a feed mixer to mix the materials.

working principle of animal and fish feed mixer machine

the animal cattle feed mixer machine consists of a U-shaped horizontal bucket and a specially made belt mixer. The agitator rotates in a U-shaped container with minimal wall clearance. Ribbon agitators consist of inner and outer ribbons that achieve countercurrent mass motion through random radial and axial motion: the outer ribbon moves the material in one direction, and the inner ribbon moves the material in the opposite direction.

The strip rotates and moves the material radially and laterally to ensure thorough mixing in short cycle times.The outer spiral ribbon presses materials from both ends to the middle, which helps central discharging, at the same time the outer spiral lifts materials along the inner wall of the mixer, leading a circulation of materials in the mixer to realize an even mixing result.

Fish Feed Mixer Machine Price For Sale
Fish Feed Mixer Machine Price

features of animal feed mixer machine

It is used to mix various grain powders to make nutritional feed pellets, especially suitable for mixing chicken feed, cattle feed, pig feed, goat feed, rabbit feed, duck feed.

This poultry chicken feed mixer machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, reliable operation and small footprint, and is an ideal choice for small workshop feed pellet plants.

The mixing time of each batch is short. 500-4000kg feed powder for 3-6 minutes.

Smooth transmission and low wear. Three materials are available for you to choose from: stainless steel, carbon steel and composite.

The optimized bidirectional rotating wheel makes the mixing effect fully uniform, CV≤5%.

The mixing effect is not affected by the fitness and density of the powder. Ribbon mixers are also suitable for viscous materials.

It can be used for poultry feed, animal feed, cattle feed, pig feed, goat feed, chicken feed and food additives, dry powder, adhesives, silicone rubber, pigments, inks, paraffin, resins, decolorizing pastes, ointments, detergents, etc. It can also be used for mixing viscous fluids and viscous, pasty and granular materials.

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operation and maintanence of poultry feed mixer machine

maintanence of poultry chicken feed mixer machine

The mixing chamber should be cleaned after each use. If the blender is out of use for a long time, we should clean it thoroughly and cover it.

Make sure the electrical control parts of the feed mixing machine are clean and flexible. If the machine fails, it should be repaired in time.

Check machine parts regularly once or twice a month. Pay special attention to the power shaft, transmission components and reducer housing.

The retarder oil should be kept clean. If the machine is used frequently, we should change the oil every three months.

Place the fish feed mixer in a ventilated, dry and clean room. The feed mixing machine can work perfectly in the temperature ranging from -5°C to 40°C.

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Fish Feed Mixer Machine For Sale

operation of animal feed mixer machine

Turn on the power and the machine starts to work. If the machine has any abnormal noise or vibration, we should immediately shut down the machine and check it.

Check the machine before starting operation. Make sure there are no foreign objects in the blender and the inner walls are dry and clean.

Check the feed ingredients to make sure they are completely dry.

Prepare a container under the outlet of the machine. When the mixer has finished mixing, we can discharge the material into the container.

Put the ingredients into the machine according to the capacity of the blender. Then screw the cap on the inlet.

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Chicken Feed Mixer For Sale Low Cost Price

why do you need animal cattle feed mixer machine?

animal cattle feed mixer machine are used to mix feed ingredients and premixes to achieve an even distribution of essential ingredients and nutrients. The end result should be a feed mixture in proportions that provide a balanced nutrient input to the animal.

Effective mixing plays an important role in the feed production process, ensuring the correct distribution of ingredients and nutrients by preventing uneven mixing. The reason for this is that uneven mixing results in unbalanced nutritional value and substandard feed production.

specification of animal pig feed mixer machine

electric feed mixing machine

ModelElectric Power(kw)Output(kg/h)

diesel engine feed mixing machine

ModelDiesel Engine Power(HP)Output(kg/h)

some projects examples of feed mixer machine


Animal Feed Mixer Machine Price In India

Export to Nigeria

Mr Ikenna from Nigeria bought 1 set of model VTHS-150 electric feed mixer machine with 4 kw electricity power to mix his own powder feed for farm for his client in Nigeria, along with the feed mixing machine he bought conveyor, crusher and extruder for making pellet feed. these machines power need 3 phases electricity.


Poultry Feed Mixer Machine Price Philippines

Export to Uganda

Mr Khali from Uganda bought model VTHS-250 with electricity power, this model feed mixer machine production capacity is 200-800kg/h for his chicken farm and require power 3 phase electricity. this type feed mixer machine is very suitable for medium size poultry farm, and it can be diesel engine if you dont have 3 phase electricity in Uganda.


Chicken Feed Mixer Machine Price In Pakistan

Export to Pakistan

Mr Ivan from Pakistan bought VTHS-500 in Year 2020,VTHS-500 feed mixer machine is the bigger chicken feed production equipment with output 1000-1500kg/h, and it is very good to medium chicken farm in Pakistan. this model poultry feed mixer machine can be powered by diesel engine either 3 phase electricity.


Cattle Feed Mixer Machine Price In Kenya

Export to Philippines

Mr Raymond from Philippines bought model VTHS-100 diesel engine animal feed mixing machine with 4HP for mixing chicken feed for his poultry farm in Philippines, this model chicken feed mixer machine can mix powder 100-300kg per hour. it is suitable for small farm or home use.


Poultry Feed Mixer Machine Price In Uganda

Export to Kenya

Mr Gerrie from Kenya bought model VTHS-100 with 4kw power,along with the chicken feed mixing machine he bought chicken feed crusher for crushing raw materials. and conveyor machine, VTHS-100 poultry feed mixing machine production output is 100-300kg/h, and require 3 phase electricity.


Animal Feed Mixer Machine Price In Nigeria

Export to India

Mr Vikram from India bought 1 set of model VTHS-150 with capacity 150-450kg/h animal feed mixer machine, along with these machine he bought 2 sets of conveyor machines and crusher machines, and it is very good to small and medium poultry farm. these machines must be 3 phase electricity.

video of poultry feed mixer machine

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