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what is feed pellet cooler machine?

feed pellet cooler machine is counterflow pellet cooler machine which is widely used in the pelleting process of compound pellet feed plant, the purpose is to further ripen the materials and improve the quality and water resistance of feed pellets. The animal feed pellet cooler machine has the characteristics of high degree of automation and advanced technology. It is an ideal pellet cooling system for industrial production of special aquatic feed and high-grade livestock feed.

The pellet cooler machine has two functions: lowering the pellet temperature and lowering particle moisture. The temperature of the pellets coming out of the feed pellet machine is 70℃~90℃, and the temperature will be reduced to 3℃~5℃ lower than the room temperature after passing through the poultry feed pellet cooler machine. In addition, the moisture content of pellets produced by the feed pellet cooler is less than 12.5%, which is beneficial to the storage and transportation of feed pellet cooler manufacturer, we sell our feed pellet cooling system for sale at a lower price.

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Counterflow pellet cooler machine is a new type of cooler popular in the international market. It uses the principle of counterflow cooling to cool high-temperature, high-moisture granular particles. That is, the ambient cold air passes through the material layer vertically, first contacts the cold material, and gradually becomes hot air. When it contacts the hot material, the airflow direction is opposite to the material flow direction, so that the material flow direction is opposite. The particles gradually cooled and moved in a straight line.

Cracking of the particle surface due to sudden direct contact of cold air and hot particles like another cooler can be avoided. Since the cold air enters the cooler in full wave from the bottom, the air intake area is large and the utilization rate of cold air is high. Therefore, it has the advantages of excellent cooling effect, low energy consumption, convenient operation, etc., so the counterflow pellet cooler machine is an upgraded product superior to the vertical cooler and the horizontal cooler.

what is pellet cooling process?

The hot granules from the feed pellet machine enter the cooling bin through the inlet rotary valve. Below the inlet rotary valve, the distributor ensures that the particles are evenly distributed in the cooler. The particles are cooled in the silo by the air flow, which enters the silo through the discharge door and leaves the silo through the air outlet. The particle layer height is controlled by a liquid level sensor.

Level sensors ensure that the product layer remains at a predetermined height. Once the particles activate the level sensor, the pendulum discharger operates and the particles are discharged through the hopper. Once the product falls below the level sensor, the unloading stops. To prevent overflow, the cooler is equipped with an overflow sensor that stops the supply of product to the pellet cooling system.

characters of feed pellet cooling system

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◆ the pellet cooling system uses the principle of counter-flow cooling to cool high-temperature and high-humidity granular materials. The counter-flow cooling system avoids quenching when cold air comes into contact with hot material, thereby preventing cracks in the appearance of the pellets.

◆ The cooling water tank adopts an octagonal design to ensure that there is no dead angle for cooling.
◆ It adopts air-tight feeder, which has large air inlet area and good cooling effect.
◆ The discharge device adopts the sliding valve reciprocating type, the operation is stable and reliable, and the residual amount is small.
◆ The temperature of the pellets after cooling will not be higher than the ambient temperature +3~5℃, and it is also suitable for the cooling of pellets.
◆ Fast cooling speed and good cooling effect. this machine cools more pellets while maintaining optimum pellet quality.
◆ Low power consumption, convenient operation and cleaning, and high production efficiency.

what should pay attention in pellet cooling process

1.Cooling can directly affect the quality of final feed pellets, so it should be a gradual process. If the pellets are cooled quickly, cracks in the outer layers are formed, which in turn can lead to higher abrasion. Moreover, with short cooling period, the inner part of pellets is still warm and pellets are still moist and sticky. And cooling very slowly will make pellets become too dry, which also results in cracks.

2.It should be noticed that small pellets emit heat and moisture more quickly than large pellets. Even distribution of pellets in the cooler also enhances the cooling process.

3.Generally speaking, air speed in counter flow cooler should stay between 0.8 and 1.5 m/s

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