Automatic packaging machine price on sale with auto weighing

what is automatic packaging machine?

Fully automatic packaging machine is a newly developed automatic bag packaging machine, which adopts advanced computer automation control technology. it is mainly used for weighing and packaging of feed pellets in feed pellet production line to save labor. Feed pellet packaging machine are usually combined with conveyor belts and sewing machines to form an automatic feed pellet weighing and packaging system used feed production.

As the name suggests, automatic packaging machines are specially designed for products such as fish feed pellets, organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers, white sugar, seeds, grains, wood pellets and other animal feed pellets.

Fish Feed Packaging Machine
Automatic Packaging Machine Price Low Cost

In the production of fish feed, especially in the production of large-volume fish feed, the fish feed machinery is continuously working. Due to the small size of fish feed pellets, improper storage will affect the quality of the pellets and further affect the nutrition in the fish feed. A cost-effective industrial automatic bagging machine that protects fish feed from contamination during transportation and sale. It can realize the standardization of packaging, greatly reduce labor costs, and meet the requirements of large-scale production. All these features make the fish feed packaging machine an indispensable part of a fish feed production line.

appication of automatic weighing packaging machine

The automatic pellet weighing and packaging machine is suitable for large and medium-sized feed pellet production plants. Feed pellet packaging machine have been used in automatic weighing and packaging systems, combined with transport mechanisms and sewing machines. The automatic bag packaging machine is widely used, such as feed pellets, sawdust pellets, grain, fertilizer pellets and other granular materials and powdery materials with good fluidity. It has excellent performance and has been adopted by many large-scale feed pellet production plants.

Automatic Packing Machine Price Low Cost

features of automatic bag packaging machine

The automatic bag packaging machine has the advantages of high calculation accuracy, stable function, digital demonstration, and convenient operation.

The feed pellet automatic weighing and packaging machine is equipped with computer control software, which can set control data, automatically repair the drop, and automatically detect faults.

The special anti-seismic equipment for the automatic bagging machine ensures accurate calculation, fast speed and stable operation under harsh conditions. It can be adjusted outdoors for easy maintenance.

Adopt double scale working system. The two scales can work synchronously or individually, which improves the work efficiency of the feed pellet automatic packaging machine.

Animal Feed Pellet Packing Machine

This feed pellet packing machine has a three-speed feeding system, which ensures the weighing speed and weighing accuracy.

Using internationally advanced sensors and pneumatic actuators, the feed pellet automatic packaging machine works reliably and without pollution.

The outer surface adopts plastic spraying process, and the inner surface adopts advanced stainless steel material, which is anti-rust and anti-corrosion, which prolongs the service life of the automatic machine.

The automatic weighing and packaging machine for feed pellets reserves a communication interface, and the whole automatic packaging machine can realize digital connection with the upper computer on the feed pellet production line.

Computer high-speed feeding and sampling processing, programmable control process, to ensure the versatility of different packaging.

The belt feeder of this automatic pellet packing machine with a single weigh hopper provides a complete bagging and packing arrangement. Automatic packaging machine are available in various sizes.

Feed Pellet Packaging Machine Price

structure of automatic packing machine

The automatic packaging machine consists of the following parts: automatic pacaking device, automatic weighing device, transmission device, sewing device and electric control system. The automatic weighing device is designed with two separate weighings. They can work together or separate during the weighing process. Once one of the scales fails, the other will work continuously to avoid production downtime. After the feed pellets are weighed and poured into the bag, the bag is sealed using a sewing device.

The transfer device is used to transfer the packaged pellet bags from the automatic packaging machine. All these steps are under the control of the electronic control system. The feed pellet packaging machine is reliable and efficient, and is widely used in wood pellet factories, feed pellet production lines, sugar industry and many other industries.

Powder Feed Packaging Machine

specification of automatic weighing packing machine

PowerMain power:0.55kw
sewing power:0.37kw
transport power:0.37kw
Packing capacity400–800bags/h
Packing range25–50kg/bag
Bags materialsWoven bag,cloth bag,plastic bag,sacks bag,etc
Packing materials rangeGrain,seeds,fertilizer,feeds,chemical materials,powder etc
Sewing deviceAutomatic sewing and transporting
weighing deviceautomatic weighing with computer

video of automatic packaging machine

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