trouble problem and solutions of floating fish feed machine

trouble problem of fish feed machine

your floating fish feed machine will come out many different problems after it worked a long time, or because of your wrong operation,your fish feed machine has occured problems or not working well even stopped working. common problems are low production output, too high puffing or not enough puffing,and poor pellet forming,against these trouble problems, especially on poor pellet forming problem, some of our clients met this kind of problem, some because of raw materials formulation, some because of wrong operation, and in here we will give some troubleshooting and solutions for you.

troubleshooting of fish feed machine

solutions of low production output

1.the screw head is worn greatly, please change the screw head or the whole screw

2.the bushing of the extrusion chamber is worn greatly, please change the bushing in the extrusion chamber

3.if you changed the formuation or not? for sinking type pellets:starch content percentage:≥20%, for floating type pellets: starch content percentage:≥10%. In addition: Especially for floating materials, the content of animal protein should not be too high.

Trouble Shooting Problem Of Fish Feed Machine
Bushing Of Fish Feed Machine

The role of starch:

1).Starch has strong water absorption;

2).The gelatinized starch can enhance the viscosity of the material

3).Double function of puffing and binding in the final pellets

The role of protein:

1).Protein has water absorption, elasticity and coagulation

2).Protein is divided into: vegetable protein and animal protein, Formulas containing vegetable protein are generally easier to process than those containing animal protein. Because animal protein is not as easy to combine with other ingredients or bulk as vegetable protein or starch the aperture area of the die is suitable or not?

A=1aperture area   area=πr2 , 10holes-8mm die  8mm diameter=4mm redius.

area=πr2 , 3.14×16=50.24mm2

10 holes×50.24=502.4mm2

Solutions Of Fish Feed Machne
Troubleshootings Of Floating Fish Feed Machine

solutions of Too high puffing or not enough puffing

1.the raw materials are puffed much too highly

1) the conditioner temperature is too high(for wet type machine)

2) the rotation speed of the host machine is too high

3)too much or too less water added in the raw materials or in the conditioner

4) the holes of the die mould is blocked.

2.The puffing degree of the material is not enough

1) the extruder production ourput is low

2) the conditioner temperature is not enough high

3) the rotating speed of the host machine is too low

4) the heating plate temperature in the extrusion chamber is too low

5) water content is too low in the conditioner or in the raw material

6) have you ever changed the formulation

3.poor pellet forming

1) the raw materials formulation is not so good

2) the working temperature is too high or too low

3) feeding raw materials is not balanced

4) the cutting speed is not correct,too high or too low

5) the cutting blades are worn

6) the size of powder raw materials is too large,you can check here the raw materials size requirement.

die mold aperture φ (mm)grinding fineness required
1.095% reach to 90-100 mesh
1.595% reach to 80 mesh
2.095% reach to 80 mesh
3.095% reach to 60 mesh
4.095% reach to 60 mesh
5.095% reach to 60 mesh

4.the final pellets are rough surface and different lengths

1) some partial holes of the die mould are blocked

2) the finness of the raw materials is not enough

3) the raw materials conditioning is not good

4) the quality of the die mould holes is poor

5) the cutting blades are worn

6) the water percentage in the raw materials is not correct

5.the extrusion temperature is too low

1) the steam conditioning temperature is too low (for wet type machine)

2) The steam inlet pipe of the puffing chamber is blocked or the temperature of the electric heating device is not enough(for wet type machine)

3) Jacketed steam line (trap) plugged( for wet type machine)

4) The temperature of the electric heating plate is too low or the electric heating switch is not turned on

5) Raw material moisture is too high

6.Particles are blocked before exiting the die hole

1) The particle size of the raw material is too large relative to the size of the die hole

2) The amount of water is not enough to make the material flow

3) the screw rod is worn greatly

4) The feeding inlet is blocked

video of how to adjust knife

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