how to make floating fish feed pellet?best fish feed formula

why making floating fish feed pellet?

before talking about how to make floating fish feed pellets,let us talk about why making floating fish feed pellet? at first,we need to know about the advantages of floating fish feed pellets.

High starch gelatinization

After the raw materials are treated with high temperature, the starch gelatinization degree can be increased by 80-99%, and the aquatic fish are easy to digest.

Improve water stability and environment

Floating pellets are more resistant to decomposition in the water, and floating feed allows fish farmers to observe the condition of the fish and the amount of feed consumed.

water absorption

Extrusion moisture content during processing can be controlled over a wide range, which helps improve the water stability of the final feed. These particles absorb more water, hold their shape longer, and reduce nutrient loss. It benefits pellet technology quality and fish health.

better digestion and absorption

Fish feed pellets can quickly break down in the fish’s stomach, losing nutrients (during reflux), which helps in better absorption of nutrients.

Feeding environment

Fish are raised in water, so feed pellets must have a certain stability to maintain their shape and nutrition. Smaller fish feed particle size helps improve stability.

Best Fish Feed Formula
How To Make Floating Fish Feed Pellet

how to make floating fish feed pellets?

Select and prepare raw materials according to the recipe:

soybean meal, cottonseed meal, corn kernels, wheat flour, fish derivatives, plant derivatives, algae, oils, minerals, proteins

Grinding raw materials:

Raw materials need to be grinded into powder form before producing feed pellets.

mixing raw materials:

Because there are many kinds of raw materials, it is necessary to mix the raw materials fully and evenly. The vitamins and minerals can be mixed in small amounts with the ingredients while mixing.


The feed mixture is passed through a fish feed pellet extruder. Set the proper diameter for the die, and during extrusion, the pellets are chopped or broken into smaller lengths.

Drying of finished pellets:

It is difficult to store and pack granules with too high moisture content. Dry the granules to a moisture content of less than 10% or less. The temperature should be stored below 60ºC.

Fish feed pellet packaging:

the produced feed can not be used up at one time, the feed pellets can be put into bags or containers, which can prevent insects, mice, moisture, and long-term storage.

Floating Fish Feed Ingredient

formula and ingredients of floating fish feed pellet

Nutritional Level of Animal Proteins

Animal ProteinEnergy Level (mj/kg)Crude Protein (%)Fats (%)Calcium/Phosphorus (%)Methionine (%)Lysine (%)
Meat meal11.250 – 511080.72.6
Blood meal15.288 – 9010.40.67.1
Feather meal13.780 – 8570.40.62.3
Poultry meal13.160 – 64132.013.1
Fish meal555 – 7531.01.52

Nutritional Level of Plant Proteins

Plant ProteinProtein (%)Energy (cal/kg)Calcium (%)Lysine (%)Methionine (%)
Soybeans meal44 – 4825570.203.21.4
Cottonseed meal40 – 4123500.664.21.4
Sunflower Meal46 – 4722050.303.52.3
GNC45.6 – 61.838601.73.21.0

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