tilapia feed ingredients : best tilapia fish feed formulation

introduction of tilapia fish

Tilapia is a tropical fish, belonging to the order Perciformes, family Lippiaceae, with fast growth, mixed food, few diseases, strong adaptability and other characteristics. Tilapia is an important agricultural aquaculture project, and it has high farming value and significance. Tilapia has a wide range of eating habits. High-quality tilapia feed ingredients have a strong enticement and nutrition to reach a balanced level and improve the efficiency of feeds. Improve the quality of breeding water, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the water, and improve stress resistance and immunity.

Add aquatic multivitamins in appropriate amount to supplement multivitamins, promote growth rate, anti-stress, plus compound probiotics to effectively improve intestinal flora, improve digestion and absorption rate. Enhance feed utilization and reduce breeding costs. We should pay attention to the daily feeding in the culture process to meet the basic nutritional needs of farmed tilapia, so as to effectively improve the utilization efficiency of raw materials, and improve the immunity of tilapia and reduce the chance of morbidity. Reduce the cost of farming, then, what tilapia feed ingredients are good to them? In fact, it is good to formulate tilapia fish feed ingredient, so how to prepare homemade tilapia feed? do you want to start fish farming business? check our post about how to start fish farming business here!

Tilapia Feed Ingredients

tilapia fish feed ingredients

tilapia feed formulation I

The nutritional components of this tilapia feed formula are 25%-30% crude protein, 3%-5% crude fat, 7%-9% ash, 40%-55% carbohydrate, 9%-11% moisture. This tilapia fish feed formula increases the content of carbohydrates and reduces the protein content, which has the effect of saving protein raw materials, reducing feed costs and reducing pollution. After long-term feeding experimental results show that the feed produced by using this formula has good palatability, feeding tilapia to achieve better growth results.

The low-protein, high-carbohydrate tilapia feed of the present invention achieves comparable growth and better feed efficiency compared to feeds with high protein content. The tilapia feed of the present invention achieves better growth, higher protein conversion efficiency and lower ammonia nitrogen emissions than feeds with the same protein-fat level.

Tilapia Fish Feed Formulation
Tilapia Fish Feed Ingredients

tilapia feed formulation II

tilapia fish feed ingredients which is suitable for seawater or net tank culture of tilapia: bran 30%, soybean cake 35%, fish meal 15%, corn meal 5%, acacia leaf meal 5%, barley meal 8.5%, growth factor 1%, salt 0.5%.

tilapia feed ingredients which is suitable for tilapia farming in flowing water or net tanks: grass meal 20%, fish meal 3%, soybean cake 20%, corn protein meal 20%, rice bran 20%, bran 10%, corn flour 5.5%, bone meal 1%, salt 0.5%.

tilapia fish feed formulation which is suitable for pond raising tilapia: 50% dry pig manure or cow manure, 37% bran, 10% sesame seed residue, 2% fish meal, 1% bone meal.

tilapia feed formulation III

Soybean cake 50%, fish meal 10.7%, bran 38%, bone meal 1%, Vino Aquatic Multivitamin 0.1%, Vino Mycobacterium Multi Mineral 0.1%, Vino Compound Probiotic 0.1%.

tilapia feed formulation IV

Soybean cake 35%, bran 29.7%, fish flour 15%, barley flour 8.50%, corn flour 5%, acacia leaf powder 5%, bone meal 1%, salt 0.50%, Vino aquatic multivitamin 0.1%, Vino mold clear multi-mineral 0.1%, Vino compound probiotic 0.1%.

tilapia feed formulation vI

Rice bran 44.7%, soybean cake 35%, silkworm pupa powder 10%, secondary powder 8%, bone powder 1.50%, salt 0.50%, Vino aquatic multi-dimensional 0.1%, Vino mold clear multi-mineral 0.1%, Vino compound probiotic 0.1%.

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