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good business sales victory in October

in this month of October 2018,our business sales is good,Victor Machinery’s victory in this month,we export 1 DGP-40 floating pellet mill and 2 model 260 flat die pellet mills to South Africa,……

fish feed machine price

Extruded Pellets Vs Pelleted Pellets

About Extruded Pellets Extrusion is a high temperature short time  heating process, it minimizes the degradation of food nutrients while improving the digestibility of protein and starches. Fish fee……

feed crusher for sale

feed grain crusher for sale

feed crusher machine is a special equipment to break large materials into fine powder. The materials crushed by hammer blades with common teeth are usually of 0.6-1.5mm; and crushed with fine teeth ……

pellet packing machine

small powder packing machine

small powder packing machine Application small powder packing machine is an automatic packing machine which is suitable for large and medium sized feed pellet production plants and powder feed produ……

grass pellet mills

making hay pellets for feed

What is Hay Pellet Maker? Hay pellet mill is especially designed for making pellets from hay, including dry grass, straw, alfalfa, and so on. Traditionally hay or hay pellets are used as feed for ca……

animal feed pellet machine

how to make rabbit pellets

the basic rabbit pellets ingredients Wheat, maize, sorghum, bran and pollard, hay and grass, Lucerne crumbles, vegetable protein meals, vegetable or animal oil, limestone, salt, choline chlorine, ly……