Feed crusher machine crushing animal feed and poultry feed

what is animal feed crusher machine?

animal feed crusher machine is an equipment to crush animal feed and poultry feed,which is specially used to crush materials through high-speed collision between hammers and materials. The raw material in the feed crushing machine is crushed to a suitable particle size for further processing of the feed,For example, in the production process of chicken feed, cattle feed, pig feed, fish feed, rabbit feed, sheep feed, etc.,The fineness of the final product can be controlled by sieves of different sizes.the screen size can be ranged from 0.4mm to 15mm for different demand,below 1mm size,the final product is just like flour,this means if you crush grains like maize,soybean,you can produce corn flour and soybean flour for peole food and animal feed.

the poultry feed crusher machine has feature of competitive price, simple structure and high efficiency, this chicken feed crusher machine is mainly used in small breeding farms, medium-sized feed manufacturing factory or household for home use.It can crush many different raw materials such as grain, soybean, corn, wheat, stalk, straw, hay,leaves, grass, alfalfa etc.this animal cattle feed crusher machine can be driven by electric motor and diesel engine,which can be chosen according to client’s demand.if clients want big capacity and have no 3 phase electricity,diesel engine will do be the best choice.

Animal Feed Crusher Machine
electric animal feed crusher
Poultry Feed Crusher Machine
diesel engine animal feed crusher

working principle of poultry feed crusher machine

The raw material enters the crushing bin from the feed port at the top of the poultry feed crusher machine. Under the action of the high-speed rotary hammer and the friction and beating of the sieve plate, the raw material is gradually pulverized, and then, under the action of centrifugal force and fan, it passes through the screen and is discharged from the outlet of the pulverizer base.

Driven by the airflow of the fan, the crushed material moves along the outer edge of the rotor, and collides and rubs against the hammer head, tooth plate and screen, and the raw material is crushed. Once the size of the crushed material is smaller than the diameter of the screen, the crushed material is discharged through the screen.

The final pulverized raw material is sent to the storage bag through the cyclone separator under the suction of the fan.

Cattle Feed Crusher Machine
Chicken Feed Crusher Machine

features of animal cattle feed crusher machine

the cattle feed crusher machine has simple operation, low power consumption, high efficiency, advanced design and stable performance

it has reasonable design: the final fineness of the material can be adjusted according to the replacement of the appropriate screen.
The hammer core part is made of high-quality carbon alloy steel, which is strong and wear-resistant. Long life and durable.

This fish feed crusher machine is widely used. It can crush various raw materials, such as wheat, corn, rice, soybean, peanut, millet or other solid materials such as bones, dried meat, etc.

The fish feed crushing machine can be used in fish feed pellet factory, livestock and poultry feed pellet factory, etc.

Our poultry feed crushing machine is composed of feeding hopper, rotor, screen, induced draft fan, pulverizing chamber and conveying device.

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raw materials for animal feed crusher machine

what can this poultry chicken feed crusher machine do? it is multi function hammer mill type crusher machine which can crush many different kind of raw materials.

it can crush grains:corn,soybean,sorghum,barley,rice,wheat,chickpea,etc.

it can crush biomass plants:grass,hay,wheat straw,rice straw,alfalfa,corn cob,leaves etc.

Animal Feed Crusher For Sale

application of poultry chicken feed crusher machine

the feed crushing machine are mainly used in large, medium and small animal feed manufacturing industry and food processing industry. It can be used for both normal pulverization and fine grinding. The feed pulverizer machine equipped with detachable screen can meet the different fineness requirements of different raw materials. Thanks to the advanced energy-saving technology, the poultry feed pulverizer machine has achieved the world’s leading energy-saving effect.

when you make pellet feed for animal and poultry,feed crushing machine is necessary before pelleting,you need to crush raw material at first for pelleting.

maintanence of poultry feed crusher machine

Operate the poultry chicken feed crushing machine strictly according to the operating instructions. Check and clean machines every shift.

to clean the inside and outside of the feed crushing machine to avoid rusting of the machine or blockage of the screen when the machine long time not working.

If the parts are damaged or seriously worn, it should be repaired and replaced in time.

Check the tightness of the V-belt each time you start it. Aging of the belt can affect the performance of the crushing machine.

It is normal for the bearing to heat up (not higher than 25°C) after the animal cattle feed crusher machine works for a period of time. If it is heated to 60 degrees, it proves that the bearing has aged, and the consumer should stop replacing the bearing or cleaning.

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specification of animal feed crusher machine

feed crusher machine

ModelElectric Power(kw)Diesel Engine Power(HP)Output(kg/h)Weight(kg)

Working video of animal feed crusher machine

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