pet food machine for sale for making dog food and cat food

what is pet food machine?

What machines can make food for our pets, such as dog food and cat food? As we said in our previous post on the floating fish feed pellet machine, which can make floating fish food, chicken food and pet food. But what’s the difference between this pet food machine and that one? Exactly, this one pet food making machine is made of high-tech stainless steel and is a high-end pet food pellet machine. And this one pet food making machine can also produce fish food pellets!

The dog food machine is developed and improved according to the international market. The dog food making machine can be adjusted to produce pet food in various shapes for dogs, cats, fish, shrimp, birds, etc. It has a variety of production capacity can be selected according to your specific requirements. the production capacity ranged from 50kg/h to 5000kg/h, which is suitable for home use and small size pet food manufacturing factory,and large pet food industry for commercial use.

the pet food manufacturing equipment typically use grain meal, vegetable protein, minerals and vitamins, and in some cases, meat or fish meal and fresh meat as raw materials. in our blog, we list foods that dogs can not eat. By adjusting the raw material ratio, processing temperature, moisture, extrusion pressure and other production processes, the products have different sizes, shapes, tastes and nutritional ratios.

The final feed is nutritious, diverse, beautiful and easy to digest, and is loved by your pets and fish. High degree of automation, simple operation, good stability, easy maintenance, and diverse materials are the main features of this pet food processing machine.

Pet Food Manufacturing Machine For Sale
Dog Food Making Machine Price

features and advantages of pet food machine

The main parts of the pet food machine are made of stainless steel and special alloy steel, after heating treatment, it has a longer life time than the usual pet food making machine.

The electric heating system is adopted to improve the feed expansion rate and curing rate, and the finished pet food are smooth, fineness, uniform and of good quality.

The high temperature puffing process can kill Salmonella and bacterial infection while making the granules easy to digest.

The die mold can be easily replaced, this automatic pet dog food machine can be used for pets of different ages, such as cats, dogs, kibbles etc.

The raw materials, temperature, moisture and other process parameters of this dog food making machine can be adjusted. The dog food pellets produced by this extruder are beautiful in appearance, unique in taste and rich in nutrition, suitable for different pets and fish.

The dog food manufacturing machine is widely used in the production of animal feed, such as dogs, cats, fish, foxes, birds and other pets.

The final particle shape can be spherical, bone, heart, footprint.

All pet food manufacturing machines have stable operation and advanced technology. It can meet the production needs of different customers in the current market. Especially suitable for small and medium pet food manufacturing factories, animal nutrition departments in colleges and universities, pet shops, pet hospitals, dog farms, and pet markets.

Cat Food Making Machine For Sale
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specification of pet food pellet machine

ModelCapacity(kg)Main Power(kw)Feeding Power(kw)Cutting Power(kw)Screw Diameter(mm)

raw materials for pet dog food machine


Fat represents an important source of energy and is also a source of essential fatty acids and a determinant of palatability. Fats provide important fatty subunits, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-6 fatty acids are essential for skin and coat maintenance and proper membrane structure. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to be important for blood clotting and reducing inflammation. This is an essential fatty acid for dogs and cats. Fats also help maintain body temperature, control inflammation, and more. Fat is the main form of energy stored in the body, providing twice as much energy as carbohydrates or protein. Carbohydrates or proteins are found in meat, poultry, fish and vegetable oils such as flax and vegetable oils.

Dog Food Making Machine For Sale

Chicken meat, lamb meat and wild boar meat, fish meat, as well as eggs,Protein is usually the most basic nutrient for animals and the source of the building blocks of life (ie, amino acids). Dogs, being carnivores, need amino acids, which are usually derived from beans, meat, and eggs. Protein is known for providing amino acids that strengthen skin, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

Pet Food Making Machine For Sale

Minerals strengthen bones and aid in nerve transmission and muscle contraction. Maximize focus on macro and oligo elements, especially balancing according to the species, age, and pathophysiology of the animal.
In dietary formulations designed to treat specific pathological conditions, you should pay special attention to mineral compounds, increasing or decreasing the concentration of each element to compensate for specific metabolic deficiencies in some pathological conditions or to preserve the function of the relevant organs.

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Carbohydrates are another great source of energy for dogs and cats. Especially carbohydrates, as they provide readily available energy. Common carbohydrate sources are plants and grains. Carbohydrates, also classified as starches (sugars) and fiber.Starch is composed of various types of sugars, such as glucose or fructose. Through digestion, dogs can easily convert sugar into usable energy.

Pet Food Machine Price For Sale


Vitamins are responsible for promoting bone growth, blood clotting, energy production, and oxidative protection.Vitamins A, D, E, and K require fat to be absorbed, while B vitamins and vitamin C require water to be absorbed.Vitamins are essential for proper nutrition because they are the most important drivers of biochemical reactions in the body.
Vitamin deficiencies manifest in some cases specific and pronounced symptoms, in others more subtle manifestations of the subject’s general debilitating state. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you consume the right amount each day to ensure the smooth functioning of all vital functions. Natural plant extracts of grape seed and green tea enhance antioxidant effects.

Cat Food Making Machine Price Low Cost

appication of pet cat food machine

This pet cat food machine is mainly used to produce pet food, such as pet cats, pet dogs, in addition to producing pet feed, it can also produce fish feed, bird feed,and so on. it is suitable for home use and small size pet food manufacturing factory,and large pet food industry for commercial use.

Dog Food Manufacturing Machine Price For Sale
for dog food production
Cat Food Machine For Sale Low Price
for cat food production

different food shape produced by pet food making machine

This pet dog food machine can produce pet food in different shapes, like triangle shape, pentagram shape, bone shape, moon shape, heart shape and so on. The different die hole shapes and final product shapes can be seen in the pictures below:

Dog Food Manufacturing Equipment
Triangle Shape
Pet Food Manufacturing Equipment For Sale
Moon Shape
Pet Food Manufacturing Machine Price
Heart Shape
Dog Food Manufacturing Equipment For Sale Low Price
Bone Shape

working video of pet food making machine

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