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what is small pellet mill for home use?

small pellet mill has mini size, light weight and small low production capacity. since it is small on all sides, so it is easier to move and it is widely for home use for making feed pellet. the small pellet mill for home use electricity is single phase, and if you dont have electricity,it can work with diesel engine. Compared with large pellet mill,this small pellet machine has many advantages and is suitable for farmers to make feed pellets or soft wood pellets by themselves.

Electric cabinets can control production. So easy to operate and maintain. Furthermore, it is competitively priced compared to pellet mills designed for industrial use. Therefore, for farmers and newcomers to the industry it is ideal small pellet making machine. As for chicken, they are preserved for fast and healthy growth. Feeds for chickens should emphasize nutrition and composition. We developed this homemade chicken feed pellet mill and focused on improving nutritional integrity and palatability, which can speed up chicken more than usual. What’s more, chickens need different sizes of feed pellets at different growth stages, with this small pellet machine, you can make 2-8mm feed pellets to meet different needs.

When the material is sent into the granulation chamber through the hopper, it is pressed into the flat die hole under the action of the extrusion force of the rotating die head and the fixed roller. Then the feed pellets come out of the die holes and they can be cut to length with a cutting knife according to your requirements. You can adjust the distance between the flat die and the cutter to get the different lengths you need. Besides, we can provide 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm or 10mm different diameter moulds to make pellets of different sizes, and it is easy to change moulds.

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structure of home use pellet mill

The home use pellet mill is mainly composed of a power device, an inlet and outlet, a pressing roller and a pressing plate. Among them, the power unit can be driven by an all-copper electric motor or a diesel engine. Equipped with a geared electric motor, more torque can be obtained while reducing the speed. The size of the outlet can be customized according to customer needs.

The drive gear is made of high-quality alloy steel. The carburized and quenched gear surfaces are also finely ground. Therefore, it has the advantages of stable transmission, low noise, strong bearing capacity, slow temperature rise, long service life and good pressure resistance. It has the characteristics of low productivity, mobility, small size and low price, which make this flat die transfer small pellet making machine an ideal equipment for producing small feed pellets.

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features of small scale pellet machine

Motor drive, three-phase voltage, more convenient and more environmentally friendly.

Equipped with a gearbox, it can control the feeding speed, ensure the quality of feed pellets, and prolong the service life of the pellet mill.

There is a quick release die clamp that connects the die to the sleeve flange for quick and easy replacement of new dies and rolls.

All our small scale pellet machine are European standard – CE certified; small feed pellet machines are designed as enclosed houses to cover the motor.

This home pellet mill has low consumption, competitive price and cost saving.

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Both the roller and the flat die are made of alloy metal precision materials, so that the core is wear-resistant and not easy to break, and the flat die can be used on both sides, and the service life is long.

The electric small pellet machine can process various solid pellets into small feed pellets for fish, shrimp, chickens, rabbits, pigs and other animals.

The electric home use pellet mill has strict requirements on the moisture content of the raw materials. Before entering the granulation chamber, the moisture content of the raw material should be 12%-20%. Particles with low moisture content will not form, and particles with high moisture content will loosen or even break.

it has reasonable structure design, convenient operation, small footprint, low noise, high output, low energy consumption, high granulation rate and long service life.

Cost Effective

Due to its small size, the small pellet making machine requires small area. This reduces the cost of hiring a big area of installing it and also less time to install it.


By squeezing, it can kill general pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, and prevent the occurrence of certain diseases. Due to the low moisture content of the pellet

High Efficient

you can produce many kinds of pellets with this small pelletizer machine, thus you can save much cost to buy different pellet equipment for different pellets.


The small feed making machine is simple structure, and the installation is more convenient. You can assemble different parts in just a few minutes.

application of small pellet making machine

Process grains into pellets, such as corn/corn, soybean, rice, wheat, without crushing before pelleting, put them into the pelleting chamber of the feeder, and they will automatically become pellets.

Make animal feed and livestock feed, such as cattle feed, chicken feed, pig feed, goat feed, etc. and other animals.

turning straw,grass,hay meal into pellets for animal feed and heating fuel.

Processing domestic waste and other green plants into pellets for livestock feed,animal feed,poultry feed or heating fuel.

it is suitable for granulation of softwoods such as rice husks, peanut husks, straw, straw, eucalyptus, cedar, spruce and crop waste and it is low price and high capacity. It is also known as a homemade pellet mill or home use pellet mill.

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specification of small feed pellet machine

electric home pellet mill

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diesel engine home pellet mill

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video of small mini pellet machine

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