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what is grain mill grinder machine

VTFQ series grain mill grinder machine, also known as grain hammer mill grinder, is a multi-function milling machine for crushing corn/maize, rice, wheat, soybean, and other grains such as pepper, peanuts. according to wikipedia, a grain mill (also named corn mill, flour mill, feed mill or feedmill) grinds cereal grain into flour and middlings. The term can refer to either the grinding mechanism or the building that holds it.

Grist is grain that has been separated from its chaff in preparation for grinding. this grain milling machine can also grind straw, grass, hay, small bones, fish bones, twigs, wood chips, clover, peanut shells, rice hulls, etc. The final size of the processed material can be according to to meet the needs of customers.

electric corn grinder machine

electric corn grinder machine

diesel engine corn grinder machine

diesel engine corn grinder machine

This series of grain corn grinder machine adopts all-steel structure. The corn grinder machine parts are completely made of high quality materials, and the outsourcing parts are made of the best domestic products. This corn milling machine can be matched with frame, wheels according to your needs.

We have customized in big quantity of grain corn grinder mill machine for Kenya, and some customers who are very interested in this grain maize mill grinder machine, such as Senegal, Gambia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, etc. this grain mill grinder machine can be used for industrial commercial and home use, the power of the grain milling machine can be electric motor and diesel engine. this maize mill grinder machine can also be used for grinding feed for animal and poultry, and you can check our post about feed crusher. you can choose which type is mostly suitable for you.

working video of grain grinder machine

adjust and operation of grain milling machine

Unpacking and inspection of grain corn mill grinder machine

1. When the equipment arrives at the destination, you should at first open the package and check carefully if there is any collision or friction.

2. corn grinder mill machine is generally delivered in complete sets. When opening the box, first check whether there is any damage during transportation.

3. The ground and frame structure where the grain hammer mill grinder is installed should have sufficient stability and support capacity to withstand the full load working condition of the machine.

4. The machine should be placed horizontally, flat and with sufficient rigidity to keep the machine running smoothly.

5. There should be enough space around the crusher to facilitate operation, repair and maintenance.

6. The inlet and outlet can be bolted directly to the main machine.

corn grinder mill machine for sale

electric connection of grain soybean grinder machine

Power connections and control cabinets should comply with local regulations. Route power cables and install circuit breakers according to the power supply voltage, motor power, and the manufacturer’s installation procedures. Properly connect and check all ground wires. Power cables for control cabinets and motors need to be field laid.

working principle of grain milling machine

The raw material enters the crushing bin from the inlet at the top of the grain soybean grinder machine. Under the action of high speed rotary hammer and the friction and jumping of the sieve plate, the raw material is gradually crushed. Then, under the action of centrifugal force and fan, it is discharged from the discharge port through the screen.

Driven by the airflow of the fan, the crushed material moves along the outer edge of the rotor and collides and rubs with the hammer head, tooth plate and screen to crush the raw material. Once the size of the crushed material is smaller than the diameter of the screen, the crushed material is discharged through the screen. The final crushed raw material is sent to the storage bag through the cyclone separator under the suction of the fan.

operation of grain grinder mill machine

1. Operating precautions
Note: Operation should not only strictly comply with safety precautions, but also comply with safety regulations and accident prevention regulations.
2. Preparation
Before starting, the following tasks should be completed.
1) Clean the grain mill grinder machine chamber and check the inlet and outlet.
2) Fill lubricating oil according to lubrication requirements. Due to the heavy working environment, strong vibration, high temperature and corrosiveness of the gain milling machine. Lubricating oil and grease must be selected with proper lubricating properties to suit the working characteristics of the grain grinder mill machine. The grease recommended by VICTOR PELLET MILL is: double curve heavy-duty gear oil.

grain mill grinder machine price low cost

operation steps of grain corn milling machine

1. Start the main motor of the soybean grinder machine.

2. Manually add a certain amount of raw material to the corn mill grinder machine inlet and continue to add material until the crusher discharges. Note: The operator is not allowed to wear gloves to feed the raw material.

3. Put the material into the hopper during normal production. There is no standard for hopper discharge height and no standard for the optimum level of material in the feed tray. Note: Do not overload the grain mill grinder machine!

4. The ammeter is an indicator of the load and provides you with protection. It indicates the correct load to obtain maximum life at the maximum capacity for which the maize grinder machine is designed. This life and capacity can only be obtained with proper lubrication and strict adherence to the instructions regarding the ammeter.

5. Check the hammer rotation and adjust the shaft for slippage. Note: If after a few minutes of operation the discharge still does not start, it may be assumed that the wrong screen is used for this material or that the material has not been properly prepared or conditioned. In this case, it is possible that after cleaning the soybean grinding machine chamber and changing the moisture of the material.

6. After the feeder has stopped, allow the crusher to run for a short period of time (approximately 30 seconds) to remove excess material from the grain milling machine chamber. Note: Avoid stopping the crusher at full capacity as the “pad” of material that has built up on the crushing chamber may be difficult to restart. If the maize milling machine cannot be easily restarted, the crushing chamber needs to be cleaned and excess material removed from the mold surface. 7.

7. Safely shut down the main drive motor.

industrial grain grinder machine for commercial and home use
commercial grain mill grinder machine for industrial and home

maintenance and attetions of grain corn grinder machine

1. Before starting, please make sure that the parts joints can be exposed and check the rotating parts for conflicts.

2. Before starting the grain mill grinding machine, check the tightness of the bolts and nuts regularly and perform them regularly, especially after the first day of work.

3. The corn grinding machine needs lubrication, frequent attention to lubrication, gear box lubricant needs to be replaced quarterly, once a year to clean the spindle bearings and add lithium grease, every four hours to add oil to the chain, must remove the dust, oiling before the chain in the weeds.

4. When shutting down, the grain grinding machine should be allowed to idle for a few minutes to blow off the dust and weeds on the machine, then shut down the grain mill grinder machine, then clean the weeds and dust inside and / or outside the machine to prevent the paint from rusting.

5. Replacement spare parts must meet the performance standards provided by our factory. Machine can not be rinsed clean with water, but special attention must be paid to bearing parts can not be directly sprayed (if necessary, you can use degreaser) can not be used, but acid or alkaline cleaning).

6. Before attempting any cleaning procedures, be sure to safely turn off the crusher power and unplug it from the power source.

Note: When plugging or unplugging the power cord from the outlet, make sure the area around the outlet, the floor and your hands are completely dry.

soybean grinder machine cost
grain grinder machine milling machine for home

7. All parts that come in contact with your product should be thoroughly cleaned using a brush and air hose. Note: Always contact your production manager if parts of the corn mill grinder machine need to be removed for proper cleaning.

8. Make sure to thoroughly clean any debris from the surrounding work area.

9. Dispose of all debris in an appropriate waste container.

10. Initiate the inspection process by having the Pilot Plant Manager inspect the clean grain soybean grinder machine and surrounding work area.

11. Turn off all motors on the push button control before inspecting, adjusting or servicing the mill. Be sure to turn off and lock out all motor disconnect switches. Do not remove covers or guards until all moving parts have stopped. Use extreme caution when handling heavy components. Use only soybean grinder machine equipment that is rated and designed to do the job to lift and handle them.

12. Inspect the mill for any leaks or broken parts after each use. Report any leaking or broken parts to the Pilot Plant Manager. All final inspections will be performed by the Pilot Plant Manager.

13. Although the lubrication requirements generally associated with crushers have been minimized, the simple lubrication instructions provided in the “Operating Instructions” manual must be followed.

commercial grain grinder machine forindustrial use

trouble shootings of grain corn milling machine

Failure PhenomenonCause AnalysisSolutions
Bear heating1.Bearing damage, rotor shaft eccentricity, insufficient lubricant and excessive load
2.Rotor imbalance, spindle distortion, bearing damage,
3. Too much working tome
1.Fill the lubricant on time according to the requirements of the instruction manual
2.Change bear timely
3. Continuous operation for 2h should be stopped for a period of time (determined according to bearing heat) and work under the required load.
grinder jammed1.Feeding too much
2.Hammer damaged by hard materials
3.Broken screen or jammed
4.High moisture materials
1.Feeding raw materials evenly .
2. Change hammer
3.Clean or change screen
4.Reduce moisture materials of raw materials
Rough powder or not crushedHammer damaged or screen brokenCheck the hammer and screen,repair it or change it
Working weak or no power1.Power socket, plug, power cord for oxidative shedding, breakage
2.The power is not turned on, which is may caused by a slight leakage of the starting capacitor.
1. Check the every parts to see the problem and change bad parts.
2.Need professional repair

specifications of grain grinder machine

electric feed crusher machine

ModelElectric Power(kw)Output(kg/h)Weight(kg)

diesel engine feed crusher machine

ModelDiesel Engine Power(HP)Output(kg/h)Weight(kg)

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