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what is mash feed plant?

Premixed mash feed plant or mash manufacturing plants typically use animal feed mixer machine, feed crusher machine and silos. The chain drive and rigid design ensure long, trouble-free operation. Feed mixers are widely used in compound feed mills, premix feed mills, food and flour mills, etc. It has mild mixing, no deviation, high mixing uniformity, beautiful appearance, low noise, no dust, and environmental protection.

Mash quality is assessed by the size and uniformity of its particles. Several authors have demonstrated a positive correlation between an increase in feed particle size and broiler growth, including Nir in 0- to 3-week-old chicks and Lecierc in 22- to 39-day-old broilers.

Good particle size uniformity is essential as birds prefer larger particles. Therefore, the dominant bird will eat those larger grains quickly, while the rest will eat the finer grains. However, pellet selection appears to be balanced with poultry, as the ratio of grain/concentrate consumption for free choice eating is very similar to that of the whole feed.

Poultry Mash Feed Plant

The improved mash feed size and uniformity can be explained by lower energy output when birds ingest larger pellets. As the particle size increased, the number of pecking for a given amount of feed decreased.the mash feed manufacturing plant can produce catte mash feed,chicken mash feed,goat mash feed and for other animal mash feed and poultry mash feed.

In the mash feed mill plant, various raw materials enter the raw material warehouse after being crushed, and are controlled according to the formula in the automatic control of raw material ingredients. At the same time put in the premix and finally mix in the feed mixer. The mixing time depends on the capacity of the mixer and the actual situation of mash feed production. Regularly test mix uniformity to adjust mixing time. The mixed feed enters the feed bin, and is transported into the finished product bin after being sealed.

characteristics of mash feed produced by mash feed plant

1.the animal cattle feed mash plant should provide consistent output of its design.
2.When grinding, the desired texture should be obtained by grinding uniformly.
3.When mixing, it should be mixed accurately in the shortest possible time.
4.the poultry mash feed plant should be equipped with a reliable magnetic separator.
5.the animal mash feed plant is easy to control the feeding of raw materials.
6.All machines in the mash feed plant should have matching capacities.
7.It should have minimal dust and good working conditions.
8.The minimum amount of energy should be consumed per ton of feed processed.
9.Highly reliable with minimal failures.

feature of mash feed plant mash feed plant manufacturer,we have reliable custom solutions
2.Simple and flexible layout, saving plant area
3.High-performance dust removal system, no dust flying, environmental protection
4.Low energy consumption and low noise
5.Automatic control box
6.Easy to maintain and operate
7.compact and robust construction
8.Low investment, high return
9.Easy to adjust feed formulation and feed mix ratio

Animal Mash Feed Production Plant

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