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Main Power:22KW three phases
Feeding Power:1.1kw
Cutting Power:0.75kw
Capacity:300-400 kg/h
used for: making fish feed,dog food,cat food,pet food
final pellets shape:ball shape,bone shape,heart shape,footprint shape
raw materials:meat,fish meal,bone meal,vitamin,meat meal etc



Pet food is a specialty food for domesticated pets like dog and cat that is formulated according to their nutritional needs. Pet food generally consists of meat, meat byproducts, cereals, grain, vitamins, and minerals. In the U.S. about 300 manufacturers produce more than 7 million tons of pet food each year, one of the largest categories of any packaged food. Pet owners can choose from more than 3,000 different pet food products, including the dry, canned, and semi-moist types, as well as snacks such as biscuits, kibbles, and treats. In the 1990s, this $8-billion industry feeds America’s 52 million dogs and 63 million cats.

pet food making machine price

Commercially produced pet food has its origins in a dry, biscuit-style dog food developed in England in 1860. Shortly afterwards, manufacturers produced more sophisticated formulas, which included nutrients considered essential for dogs at the time. At the beginning of the 20th century, pre-packaged pet foods were also available in the U.S. Initially they consisted primarily of dry cereals, but after World War I, dog food made of canned horse meat was available. The 1930s ushered in canned cat food and a dry, meatmeal type of dog food. Some innovations by the 1960s were dry cat food, dry expandedtype dog food, and semi-moist pet food.

How Dry Pet Food Is Made

While there are numerous ways to making dry pet food, the most commonly used process is extrusion by a pet food making machine. This process was adapted for making pet food in the 1950s based upon technology used to make puffed breakfast cereals. The diagram on Making Pet Food by pet food making machine illustrates the process:

1.Ingredients are brought together in a mixing machine. Dry ingredients may be ground prior to introduction to wet ingredients. Once mixed together, they form a moist dough.
2.The dough is heated in the preconditioner prior to introduction to the extruder.
3.The pet food making machine, essentially a giant meat grinder, is where the primary cooking phase for dry extruded pet food products occurs. The dough is cooked under intense heat and pressure as it moves toward the open end of the dog food making machine. At the end of the pet food making machine, hot dough passes through a shaping die and knife (similar to the action of a meat grinder) where the small pieces expand rapidly into kibble once they are under standard air pressure.
4.Kibble is dried in an oven until its moisture content is low enough to make it shelf stable like a cookie or cracker. The drying oven is followed by a cooling phase.
5.After cooling, kibble may pass through a machine that sprays on a coating, which is generally a flavor enhancer.
6.Packaging (bags, boxes, pouches, etc.) is filled during the last step to precise amounts to meet the weight advertised on the label. The final result is finished pet foods or treats.

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equipment of making pet food

pet food making machine,which can also make floating fish feed, applies the technology of extruction to produce pet food pellets from different kind of ingredients,extrusion is a process of cook the mixed ingredients under certain temperature, moisture and pressure.During the pet food making machine working, the temperature in the extruding chamber is 150-180℃ due to the electrical heater. The high temperature can kill bacteria and pathogen during machine running. In the panel of the pet food making machine there is a temperature indicator, once it reaches the set temperature, it will stop heating automatically by the reaction of thermocouple. During the high temperature ripening process, the starch and fiber of the raw material become swell. Then under the pressure-tight condition, material will be formed into pellets by shaping mold. At the end of the main shaft there us a cutter to cut the pellets to certain length.

pet food making machine price for sale

Pet Food Making Machine Working Principle

Extrusion can be defined as a technological process namely, forcing feed raw material in one or more of the following process conditions (such as mixing, heating, cutting, etc.) flow through the die, make material forming or eruption gasification. Making feedstocks from loose state into a continuous shaped dough, the resulting paste is extruded through holes in a metal plate. The diameter of the holes sets the diameter of the pellets, which can range from various different sizes.

specifications of dog food making machine

modelcapacity (t/h)power (kw)feeding power        

 ( kw)

screw diameter        

( mm)

cutting power      

 ( kw)

DGP700.15-0.318.5machanism feedingφ700.75
DGP800.3-0.422/27machanism feedingφ801.5

working video of pet food making machine

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