still buy pellet feed for pig?why not make by yourself to save cost



If you are still buying pellet feed from commercial feed factory or feed shop, then your cost per year for buying feed may be a lot big. You can find a feed pellet mill to reduce your cost by making your own pellet feed with such a machine using grains like corn powder,wheat, rice husk,wheat straw,vegetables and so on. Pigs really appreciate variety in their diets.

feeding pig with pellet feeds feeding pig with pellet feeds

Tips of feeding time

Pigs are strong and boisterous animals with a well-developed sense of humour, and they will be so eager to get their feed that they may knock you over when they get big enough. If you can, position the feeding trough where you can fill it from the other side of a (strong!) fence. If not, throw a generous handful of feed into the enclosure as you enter it. The pigs should leave you alone for long enough to eat it – repeat as necessary to cover your approach to the trough

feeding pig with pellet feeds feeding pig with pellet feeds

what raw materials can be used to make feed pellets?

1. alfalfa meals should be the first one choice for making various feed pellets to meet the high fiber/low carbohydrate needs for rabbits – alfalfa is great ingredient

2. Pulverized Oats which are a low-glycemic source of carbohydrates,but your have to remember that if you add oats to a pellet already high in oats, you may push your rabbits over their carb limit – the oats is good ingredient

3. Wheat or corn Germ Meal – Another kind of raw materials with fiber and carbohydrates in a low glycemic form, also a source of fat – great ingredient

4. Ground Barley is similar to oats is a kind of good ingredient


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