carbon pellet making machine

    coal pellet machine making pellets for water purification and fuel

    coal powder pellet machine is used to process different powder below 3 mm into pellets

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    nowadays following industry and technology development,environment is a big problem,especially industrial waste water,so water purification is more and more important and popular.there are so many kinds of raw materials to make water purification products,coal powder and carbon black powder are common.water purification industry are also looking for some ways to reduce the production cost.the final products processed from coal powder can be used as water purification product,and fuel for stove.

    coal pellet machine coal pellet making machine

    our coal pellet machine can meet this requirement,which can process also carbon black powder.coal powder pellet machine is used to process different powder below 3 mm into pellets. The coal pellet making machine can be used to press coal dust, coke powder, charcoal powder, carbon black powder, other mineral powder etc. into oval shape, pillow shape, and egg shape.the carbon pellet making machine is our initiative patented products in China through meticulous research and development. The series coal pellet making machine absorbs the quintessence at home and abroad. carbon pellet making machine is saving energy, no waste discharge. Simple & stable operation, reliable running and easy maintenance .Coal powder pellet mill is the ideal pressing shaping equipments with low investment and high profit.

    coal pellet making machine carbon pellet making machine

    video of making coal powder into pellets

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