fish farm business plan : how to start fish farming business

why starting fish farming business

Before we talk about how to start fish farming business, let’s take a look at how the fish farming market is doing. In recent years, aquaculture has become a huge global industry and is expected to grow a further thirty percent by 2027, fish farming business is the fastest growing industry in the world. Fish is low in cholesterol, rich in protein, tasty and healthy. As a result, there is a high demand for fish and fish-related products around the world. Aquaculture plays an important role in the economy. It provides a large number of employment opportunities in the restaurant and service industries.

In 2017, the Indian fish market is valued at Rs. 1004 crores. According to estimates by fisheries experts, the fish farming business will rapidly expand to a value of 18,210 Crores by 2023. This is about six percent of the world’s fish production and today India remains one of the largest fish producers in the world. In the United States, according to a study, more than 6 million pounds of fish were consumed in 2019. Therefore, fish farming business is profitable.

as it is profitable to start fish farming business, you can start fish farming business in anywhere like in India, in Ghana, in Nigeria, in Philippines, in South Africa, in Pakistan, no matter where you are in, you would get profit from fish farming business, but before starting fish farming business, you have to make a best fish farming business plan, Here we talk about some advice on how to start a fish farming business.

How Profitable Is Fish Farming Business

what is fish farming

according to wikipedia, Fish farming or fish farming involves the commercial raising of fish in ponds or artificial enclosures (e.g. fish ponds), usually for food. It is a special type of aquaculture in which aquatic animals, such as fish, crustaceans, mollusks, etc., are cultured and harvested in a controlled manner in a natural or pseudo-natural environment. Facilities where juvenile fish are released into the wild for recreational fishing or to replenish the natural population of a species are often referred to as fish hatcheries. Worldwide, the most important fish species produced by fish farming are carp, catfish, salmon and tilapia.

how to start fish farming business plan

Be sure to consider traffic and power

traffic is the key factor of how to start fish farming business, you should at first consider traffic problem when you would like to start fish farming business plan, when traffic is poor, transporting feed, selling fish, buying fry, etc. can cause great difficulties. At least there should be an easily passable road, otherwise it should be carefully considered whether to build fish ponds in this place. Then there is electricity. At present, high-density culture mode is generally used, and pumps are used in the culture process. The pumps may be used when the water is changed or added to the pond, so electricity must be connected and the voltage must be stable, otherwise these pumps will easily burn out.

be sure to Consider water sources

water quality is the key to success or failure in how to start fish farming business, a good water source plays a decisive role in the success of subsequent breeding. For the water source, it is best to choose unpolluted or less polluted water as the water source. The amount of water in the fish pond must be sufficient all year round, otherwise it will affect the normal fish farming business. in our another post, we introduced how to improve pond water quality.

confirming types of fish farming

what types of fish farming to start is also important to consider in fish farming business plan. there are two types of aquaculture: brackish water aquaculture and freshwater aquaculture. In freshwater aquaculture, freshwater fish such as katara, magur, rohu and carp are farmed. you need to confirm which type of fish to feed when setting up fish farming business

building fish pond

Friends engaged in aquaculture should have the experience that if the fish pond is well designed, it will save a lot of things in the process of fish farming, and the operation will usually be much smoother and sometimes reduce the cost of production. Therefore, fish ponds must be planned before raising fish, and when repairing fish ponds, they must be based on the species they raise.

In addition to leveling the fish pond, it is best to maintain at least 2.5 meters of water depth in the pond. In addition, make the road next to the pond as wide as possible. It is also easier to drive to the fish pond when selling fish. It is better to build drainage system and water injection system separately (drainage and water injection should not share the same pipe). If river or lake water is used, the inlet must be repaired upstream and must be more than 50 meters away from the outlet of the fish pond, which is good for water quality management as well as for preventing fish diseases.

How To Start Fish Farming Business Plan

preparing equipment for fish farming


preparing a pump when you start fish farming business, in traditional aquaculture, fish are kept in water-filled tanks or cages. During the warmer months, water evaporation reduces the amount of water in the pond. To ensure that there is enough fresh water for the fish, a pump can pump fresh water from a large nearby water source to the small pond or lake where the fish are kept.

Back-up generators

A backup generator is important when you set up fish farming business because a power outage means a failure of the oxygen system, which in a crowded pond can cause fish to die from lack of oxygen in a matter of minutes.

Grading Equipment

A classifier can classify the fish into different classes. This link also allows the fish to be counted using a counting device. The selected fish are transported to the market in a transit tanker equipped with a special oxygen machine.

Learn skills of Fish Farming

When starting a fish farming business, it is important to have some fish farming skills. Skills can be learned by working on a successful farm. It teaches you how to deal with diseases, manage water quality, market conditions, and feed processing. There are also government-run farms that are running training programs. You can take these types of courses to gain skills before to start fish farming business.

Fish Farming Business Plan

how profitable is fish farming business

It is not easy to answer the question of how profitable is fish farming business in the first place. The most important thing is how to do it, where to do it, and how big it is. Let’s put it this way, if you sell freshwater fish in a small market stall, you can earn two or three thousand dollars a month, if you are in the seafood market, or some big city markets, you do more high-end aquatic business, it is possible to earn tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

Generally speaking, the profit of doing fish farming business is still relatively high, especially selling seafood. However, the requirements of storage, transportation and sales channels for production and operation are relatively high, because only good storage and transportation can ensure the freshness of the product. There are many channels to sell a good price.

In fact, the profit of different products in aquatic products varies greatly. The profit of ordinary freshwater fish and shrimp is only 10-20%, because ordinary freshwater fish and shrimp can be raised anywhere, and the farming techniques are relatively simple, and the meat quality is relatively average. At the same time, because freshwater fish and shrimp are not as easy to die as fish and shrimp in the sea, their prices are not expensive, and naturally, profits are not high.

And those more expensive seafood products are more profitable, basically can reach 30%-50% profit, or even higher. For example, some large lobsters and expensive seafood, each can be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The profit from this is thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. The reason for the high profit of seafood products is due to the inconvenience of transportation, things are rare, the quality is really good, so it is normal to be expensive and understandable to earn more money.

what should be paid attention to

In the fish farming business, there are many things to pay attention to. Generally speaking, operating aquaculture still requires a lot of aquaculture knowledge, because unlike other products, aquatic products are special in that they are alive, not resistant to transportation, not resistant to maintenance, and prone to death. If it has no value, it cannot be sold at a price, which may result in a loss or no profit. Therefore, it is very important to have excellent breeding techniques. Another thing is the sales channel, with a good sales channel is more than half of the success.

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