organic chicken feed recipe : How to make cheap organic feed

what is organic chicken feed?

With the rising of commodity prices and the price of various raw materials, buying organic chicken feed has become more and more expensive. according to organic chicken feed recipe many farmers plan to start producing organic chicken feed by themselves(DIY organic chicken feed) . It is very easy to produce cheap organic chicken feed. Because there are all kinds of raw materials on the farm, it is cheaper to make your own organic chicken feed than to buy organic chicken feed in the market.

Organic chicken feed must be free of antibiotics, hormones, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, GMOs and pesticides. It may seem like a no-brainer for manufacturers, but keep in mind that the grains and seeds used in organic feeds must come from certified organic farms. Land and organic farms are hard to come by because it is a labor-intensive agricultural process. To make it even more difficult, trace ingredients such as minerals, the amino acid methionine, salts and vitamins must also be fully organic. do you know how to raise chicken in winter? and how to raise chickens in fall?

Organic Chicken Feed Recipe

organic chicken feed recipe

homemade organic chicken feed recipe Ihomemade organic chicken feed recipe II
14.5kg of whole maize
24kg of maize germ
19kg of wheat pollard
14.4kg wheat bran
16kg of beniseed meal, groundnut cake, linseed meal, or cotton seed meal.
2.2kg of fishmeal
2.8kg of lime
5kg of soya meal
90g of bone meal
20g of grower premix
30g of salt
10g of coccidiostat
10g of Zinc bacitracin
Maize                     44Kg
Soybean Full Fat    34Kg
Groundnut Cake    2kg
Brewer Dry Grain  12Kg
Maize Offal             4kg
Bone Meal              3Kg
Methionine               0.25Kg or 250 grams
Lysine                        0.25Kg or 250 grams
Vitamin/Mineral Premix   0.25kg or 250 grams
Salt                            0.25Kg or 250 grams

FAQ About organic chicken feed

Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Organic Chicken Feed?

Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Organic Chicken Feed

the answer is YES surely.It is often cheaper to make your own chicken feed than to buy organic chicken feed in the market, especially if you make organic chicken feed ingredients by yourself. When you make your own homemade organic chicken feed according to the organic chicken feed ingredients, You have complete control over all organic chicken feed formulations and therefore the nutritional content of your organc chicken feed. Different flavors have different options. Organic chicken feeds are made in a more natural way which provides a richer, tastier flavor than conventional feeds.

What Are The Ingredients In The Chicken Feed Pellets?

What Are The Ingredients In The Chicken Feed Pellets

Fats, also known as fatty acids, produce more calories and help chickens absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Adding fat to chicken feed helps chickens defend against cold winter climates. Saturated fats that can be added to chicken feed include lard and tallow.

Proteins in organic chicken feed formulations are an important part of chicken feed, as they help the development of the chicken’s body (muscles, skin, feathers, etc.). Animal protein can be added into organic chicken feed ingredients including fish meal, meat meal and bone meal. Plant-based proteins can also be added into organic chicken feed recipe which includes soybean meal, canola meal, and corn gluten meal.

The minerals in organic chicken feed ingredients are divided into two categories: trace minerals and macro minerals. Trace minerals include copper, iodine, iron, selenium and zinc. Many minerals include calcium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium. Both minerals help with bone formation, muscle and nerve function. Grains often lack the minerals which is needed for a healthy poultry diet, so supplements can be used.

The vitamins in organic chicken feed play an important role in the growth and reproduction of chickens. Some vitamins are produced by chickens, while others are provided by natural foods and supplements.

Nearly all carbohydrates that chickens get come from grains: any small seeds from grasses, including corn and oats. Carbohydrates in the organic chicken feed ingredients will give your chickens plenty of energy, especially during the winter months, and these grains can also be spread around the yard to promote foraging.

Is It Worth Making Organic Chicken Feed?

Is It Worth Making Organic Chicken Feed

When you make your own homemade organic chicken feed, you have complete controling over everything on your chickens consume,you can control the nutrients,ingredients, and raw materials in the chicken feed according to the organic chicken feed recipe, and improving their health and producing organic eggs and chickens, Another advantage of making organic feed for chicken at home is that it is often fresher and more nutritious than commercial organic feed that you buy. so it is much worther on making organic feed for chicken like making organic chicken feed for broilers,and for layers.

What Is The Benefits Of Organic Chicken Feed?

What Is Organic Chicken Feed

Healthier flocks: Because your chickens won’t eat feed made with chemicals, toxins, or additives, they’re less likely to suffer from diet-related health problems.This is because it has no chemical additives. Organic chicken feed also contains more omega-3 fatty acids.

Better Taste: If you want your chickens to enjoy their food more, organic chicken feed is the best option. There are many different options for different flavors.Because organic feed is made and harvested in a more natural way, it provides a richer, better taste than conventional feed.

Healthier environment: chicken feed often contains fillers, additives and other chemicals that can be harmful to chickens,Due to the way it is grown, organic feed does not contaminate or negatively affect the soil, water and animals in the area.

More nutrition: Organic feed provides more nutrition. For example, Omega-3 levels are higher in organic feeds.

how to make chicken feed for broilers and layers?

Whether you’re making pelleted or powdered feed, you need a piece of equipment to make chicken feed pellets, with a feed grinder you can grind the grains you buy for fresh chicken. If you have several birds and don’t want to buy a food grinder, you can use a manual meat grinder. You can use a food processor to finely grind it when making puree or crumble for chicks. buy chicken feed pellet machine here to make organic chicken feed for broilers and layers! making organic chicken feed, all equipment you needed are: chicken feed grinder, chicken feed mixer, chicken feed pellet machine, pellet cooling machine and pellet packing machine.

What Are The Ingredients In The Chicken Feed Pellets

Preparing Raw Materials:

according to your own organic chicken feed recipe, the first step of how to make chicken feed for layers is to preparing all raw materials in the organic chicken feed formulation which is the first important step, it is important because you have to confirm the organic raw materials.

How To Make Organic Feed For Chicken Broilers

Crushing Process:

the second step of how to make chicken feed for broilers is that chicken feed pulverizer, which is suitable for pulverizing raw materials into powder with optimal particle size for best pelletizing effect.

How To Make Chicken Feed For Layers

Mixing Process:

When making chicken feed pellets, the use of a feed mixer can fully mix various ingredients to ensure that each bite of the finished feed pellets is nutritionally balanced.

Note: if you want to make powder type organic chicken feed, you do not need to follow the pelletizing process and cooling process.

How To Make Organic Chicken Feed

Pelletizing Process:

Feed pellet machine is the main equipment for making chicken feed pellets. Compared with the flat die chicken feed pelletizer, the ring die feed manufacturing equipment has a larger capacity.

What Is The Benefits Of Organic Chicken Feed

Cooling Process:

The cooling and screening process is also an important step in making your own chicken feed pellets, the pellets from the pellet mill can be discharged at up to 88°C and 17-18% moisture. The temperature of the pellets must be lowered rapidly to achieve a moisture content of 10-12% or less for proper storage and handling.

How To Make Chicken Feed For Broilers

Packing Process:

The packaging process is the final step in how to make organic chicken feed for broilers and for layers, after cooling, the pellets will be bagged or stored according to your needs and requirements. The packaging process is handled efficiently by our semi-automatic packaging machines. The finished feed is weighed by a computer and then pneumatically unloaded into bags

Homemade Organic Chicken Feed Recipe

video of how to make organic feeds for chicken

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