feed pellet machine project in Pakistan, India, USA, Nigeria, Kenya

feed making machine project report

We are a company in China that manufactures animal and poultry feed pellet making machines. Our feed pellet machines are priced affordably, reasonably, and competitively for sale. We supply these machines worldwide. Additionally, we have prepared some project reports of our feed making machines that you can refer to when purchasing from us.

feed pellet machine project examples

project of feed pellet machine in Pakistan

in January of the year of 2018, Mr Paul from Pakistan bought feed pellet making machine and feed crushing machine. he uses the two machines to make chicken feed pellet.

chicken feed pellet machine for sale in pakistan
animal feed making machine price in pakistan

project of feed pellet machine in India

in May of the year of 2018, our Indian client bought 4 sets of ring die pellet mill, he bought those machines for making animal feed pellets.

cattle feed pellet machine price indian
poultry feed machine price india
feed pellet machine price india

project of feed pellet machine in USA

in December of the year of 2019, Mr Albert from USA bought 12 sets of feed pellet making machine of model VTKLP-150, he is a distributor in America,he sells these machines in his shop.

feed pellet machine price america
feed pellet machine project USA
animal feed pellet machine USA

project of feed pellet machine in Nigeria

in July of the year of 2019, we export animal feed pellet making machine to Nigeria which is bought by Mr Macleod.he also bought feed crusher machine and feed mixer machine, all those machines are driven by diesel engine.

feed pellet machine nigeria
animal feed making machine price nigeria
poultry feed pellet making machine nigeria

project of feed pellet machine in kenya

in September of the year 2020, Mr Silva from Kenya bought model VTKLP-260 poultry feed pellet machine, this machine is driven by electric motor, 3 phase electricity.

chicken feed machine for sale kenya
poultry feed pellet machine price in kenya
poultry feed making machine for sale kenya

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