best catfish feeding guide what to feed catfish in a pond

catfish feeding guide

Catfish is a common edible fish, and it is a farmed agricultural aquatic project. During the breeding process, the feeding of feed should be given special attention. Self-prepared feeds are simple and healthy and can meet the growth needs of catfish, reduce water pollution and reduce body color caused by nutritional imbalances during catfish farming. homemade catfish feed has good palatability and fast growth rate. It can quickly replenish mineral trace elements, increase nutritional balance and improve disease resistance. Compound probiotics improve intestinal flora, increase nutrient absorption rate, enhance physical fitness, reduce breeding costs and increase economic benefits. below we will supply some catfish feeding guide, what to feed catfish in a pond and some catfish feed formulation ingredients.

What To Feed Catfish In A Pond

what to feed catfish in a pond are daphnia, water earthworms, boiled pig’s blood, fish meal, nymphs and other complementary feeds mainly. Fertilization of the water can begin about 7 days before the fry are stocked. Fertilization of water quality is relatively simple, you can plant some similar to water lilies on the water surface, so that not only can fertilize the water quality can also play a shade effect.

The water inside the fish pond generally must be replaced in about 10-15 days, each time the water change is 1/3 can. When the water is yellow-green, it means that the water quality is relatively good, then there is no need to optimize the water quality. When the catfish often found surfacing, it is necessary to turn on the oxygenation equipment, because the fish produce this reaction on behalf of the lack of oxygen.

Feeding catfish must be reasonable in the breeding process, and the amount of feed fed at a time should not be too much. If too much is given to the catfish will be easy to block the esophagus. Feeding catfish in the fry stage must be chopped up, which is conducive to feeding and digestion of young fish. At 2 months of age, what to feed catfish in a pond generally can be pelleted feed, and to ensure balanced nutrition, some protein can be added to the feed.

When feeding catfish there must be a clean water source and try to build ponds in areas with sufficient live water. The water retention of the pond must also be good and must not be permeable to water. The pond can be planted with the right amount of water plants that do not spread, which can provide a habitat for catfish.

catfish feeding guide

The pond must be drained 2 weeks before the catfish are stocked and then the entire pond is cleaned with a lime solution. Then soak them in water for 1 week to scrub the pond. The pond must be soaked with water until 2 days before stocking, and the fry must be soaked in light brine or other disinfectant solution for 20 minutes to sterilize before stocking.

Generally, 20,000 fry can be placed in one mu of pond. The size of the fry must be uniform, not particularly large and particularly small, to avoid uneven growth. The time of placement should also be noted that it is generally better to place at noon when the temperature is suitable, so that it is easy to make the fry suitable for the environment.

Feeding catfish can be started after a few hours of casting. You can make some grain into powder, then mix it with water and knead it into a dough for the fish to feed, so that it can avoid loosening up too fast. You can also feed them some shell meat and snail meat. But be sure to cut it up before feeding it to the fish.

Usually, you can also fertilize the water and cultivate natural bait for the fish to eat. Be sure to pay attention to the timely replacement of fresh water, the water source should be kept in a constant flow. In rainy days, you should prevent the fish from escaping, and in hot weather, you should pay attention to increasing oxygen to avoid the fish from creating a lack of oxygen. Keep the water with sufficient oxygen.

what to feed catfish in a tank

catfish feed formulation and ingredients

(1) 40% hay powder, 30% silkworm pupae, 9.7% vegetable cake, 20% barley, 0.1% Vino fish multivitamin, 0.1% Vino mold clear multi mineral, 0.1% Vino compound probiotic.

(2) 40% of green hay, 30% of cotton cake, 10% of soybean cake, 5% of rapeseed cake, 5% of silkworm pupae, 4.7% of fish meal, 5% of Yuanmai, 0.1% of Vino Fish Multivitamin, 0.1% of Vino Mold Clear Multi-mineral, and 0.1% of Vino Compound Probiotic.

(3) 47.5% soybean cake, 35% fish meal, 1% yeast, 16.2% inorganic salt, etc., 0.1% Vino fish multivitamin, 0.1% Vino mold clear multi-mineral, 0.1% Vino compound probiotic. if you want to learn how to make fish feed with low cost fish feed formulation, please check our another post of how to make fish feed.

catfish feed formulation and ingredients

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