5 things to keep fish in summer: keep pond cool & prevent fish kill

5 things to keep fish in summer

Fish farming requires constant attention to the weather and environment, and requires reasonable adjustments to feeding and management when necessary. When in the hot summer, it is recommended to combine the fish pond conditions and strengthen management to ensure good water quality. During the hot summer months, the water in your pond can heat up quickly, leading to evaporation, algae blooms, and making the pond environment unfavorable for your fish. here are 5 things to keep fish in summer, which is also the best efficient ways of how to keep pond cool in summer and how to prevent fish kill in the pond. do you know how to start fish farming business and how to set up a fish feed production line?

5 things to keep fish in summer

1. increasing feeding but not over feeding

In hot weather, the water temperature rises. Fish often move in the water, so they are just starting to eat very vigorously and metabolize nutrients very fast, so it is necessary to replenish them in time. but increasing feeding not means over feeding, you can check the fish feeding guide. There is a reason why it is recommended not to overfeed fish in the summer. If you overfeed your fish, the uneaten food will quickly decay, causing ammonia levels in the water to rise, which is toxic to fish. If the ammonia level in a pond is too high, the fish will become lethargic and may eventually die. Nutrient waste which is added to the pond will also help cause algal blooms. also the fish feed quality is important for fish, you can learn how to check fish feed quality.

2. keep water quality and clean the pond

There is a lot of water in the pond. Usually, live water is continuously imported and discharged. Therefore, it remains very bulky. After the water accumulates for a long time, the nature of the water may change, and alkaline water may become acidic. Some fish have difficulty surviving in water above 80 degrees. you can our post about how to improve pond water quality.

A 10% daily water change is best for providing fresh, clean and aerated water for your pond’s water column. Decaying leaves and other debris can cause dangerous gases such as ammonia to be produced in a pond. These gases can be deadly to fish, especially in hot weather in summer, so it’s important to dig up any dead leaves, weeds and other debris before they have a chance to decay. this is the most efficient way of how to prevent fish kill in the pond.

3. Control water temperature and Provide shade for fish

In summer, the temperature rises. If the temperature exceeds 20 degrees, which is suitable for fish growth, it will affect the appetite of fish and cause them to grow slowly. In summer, the temperature usually exceeds 30 degrees above the temperature which is suitable for fish growth, so you can cover the pond with a shade net. Or change the water slightly to neutralize the water temperature. To create natural shade for your pond, add plants with large round leaves which can block out the sun. Tyou can use water hyacinth, water lilies and parrot feathers which can also produce oxygen for fish. this is the most efficient way of how to keep pond cool in summer.

how to prevent fish kill in the pond

4. Algae eradication and keep pond deep enough

Some algae fish can eat, but some are toxic to fish and the algae is incredibly prolific and can easily cover and pollute a pond. Algae usually thrive in the spring, before beneficial bacteria have a chance to resurface after hibernation, but problems can persist into the summer. Deep water has more consistent temperatures than shallow water. If your pond is very shallow, for example less than 2 feet deep at maximum. You need to consider investing in upgrading your fish pond. Deeper water will keep cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. this is another most efficient way of how to keep pond cool in summer.

5. Increase oxygen and Test pond water

When the algae in the water grows too much and covers the water surface, the fish pond is easily deprived of oxygen, or if the water is too hot, the water is deprived of oxygen, so an oxygen machine must be used to increase the oxygen in the water. By cleaning the pond in time to remove the algae and replacing the water in the pond, the oxygen environment will be better.

If your fish are not moving too much, swimming in unusual ways, or even dying, consider testing your pond water. Reduced oxygen throughout the summer can upset the chemical balance of your pond. increasing oxygen is another most efficient way of how to prevent fish kill in the pond.

how to keep pond cool in summer

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