How To Make Pig Feed Best 3 Pig Feed Ingredients Formulation

what is pig feed pellet?

before talking about how to make pig feed pellets, we need to know what is pig feed pellets and what are the pig feed formulation for pig feed. pig feed is a combination of protein, carbohydrates, lipids, minerals, vitamins and water that help pigs grow and development. There are many types of swine feed on the market, but the most common pig feed ingredients in swine feed include corn, soybean meal and oats.

A balanced diet is essential for pigs as they cannot extract all the nutrients they need from plant material. For this reason, pig feed must be nutritionally complete and contain all the essential nutrients needed for growth and development. The amount of feed a pig needs depends on its age, weight and activity level. For example, piglets require more food per day than adult pigs.

This pig feed ration has a Digestible Crude Protein (DCP) content of 22.3% and can be given to pigs at all stages of growth. Put all the pig feed formulation in a pig feed mixer for mixing pig feed and mix thoroughly to ensure they are evenly distributed. In Nakuru, Nairobi and Thika, there are many feed raw material suppliers.

Feed premix, lysine, bonemeal and lime are also available from selected agrovet shops in most towns.Pig farmers who incorporate sweet potato silage into the pig diet can cut their feed costs by up to 30 per cent. In addition, the sweet potato tubers can be eaten or sold in the market, a kilogramme of sweet potato tuber retails for between KSh 60 to KSh 80.

Other supplementary feeds suitable for pigs include sukumawiki (kales), vegetables, cabbages, lucerne, amaranth (terere), avocadoes, pawpaws or even bananas. Hotel leftovers (also called sweal) can be given to pigs but farmers must be very careful because food leftovers may be contaminated; the food can be reboiled (cooked again) to ensure all disease-causing organisms are destroyed before the leftover are given to pigs.

How To Make Pig Feed Pellets
How To Make Pig Feed

why making Your own pig feed pellets?

There are two types of pig feed: pulverous pig feed and pelleting pig feed. Pulverous pig feed is consisted of crushed pig feed raw materials. However, pig feed pellets is made of pig feed raw materials, compressed by an pig feed pellet machine. Under the action of 100 ~ 120℃ hot steam during the making pig feed pellets process, pig feed pellets will soon become gelatinized and generate a better taste. It is easier for pigs to digestion and absorption. Processed under high temperature, pellets is more healthy for pigs. With good liquidity, pig feed pellets also perform well in storage and transportation.

5 steps of how to make pig feed pellets

Crushing Process: the first step of how to make pig feed pellets

crushing is suitable for pulverizing raw materials into powder with optimal particle size to obtain the best granulation effect.

Mixing Process: the second step of how to make pig feed pellets

The use of a feed mixer in making pig feed pellets process can fully mix various ingredients to ensure that each bite of the finished feed pellets is nutritionally balanced. if you dont want to make your own pig feed pellet, after crushing raw materials, you can use the mixing machine mixing your own pig feed.

Pelletizing Process: the key important step of how to make pig feed pellets

Feed pellet machine is the main equipment of making pig feed pellets. Compared with flat die pig feed pelletizers, ring die pig feed production equipment has a larger capacity.

Cooling Process: the third step of how to make pig feed pellets

Cooling and screening process The granules from the pig feed machine can be discharged at up to 88°C and 17-18% moisture. The temperature of the pellets must be lowered rapidly to achieve a moisture content of 10-12% or less for proper storage and handling. Therefore the final pig feed pellets must be cooled and dried. Our pellet cooler adopts the principle of counter flow cooling, and the pellets are fully cooled evenly. The temperature of the particles after cooling is not higher than room temperature + 3-5 degrees.

Packing Process: the last step of how to make pig feed pellets

After cooling, the pellets will be bagged or stored according to your needs and requirements. The packaging process is handled efficiently by our semi-automatic packaging machines. The finished feed is weighed by a computer and then pneumatically unloaded into bags. The weighed bags will travel down the conveyor belt and the machine can be used to sew the top of the bag where the dry feed can be stored.

Pig Feed Ingredients
Pig Feed Formulation

3 pig feed ingredients and pig feed formulation for your reference

pig feed ingredients formulation I

Sweet potato vines are very nutritious pig feed if well prepared and preserved. Here is how to prepare them:

• Cut 60-100kg of sweet potato vines and spread them dry in the sun for about 30 minutes.

• Chop the vines into tiny pieces and mix them with 10 kg of maize germ or pig growers mash.

• Sprinkle ½ kg of mineral salt and mix thoroughly.

• Put the mixture into an airtight 250-litre plastic tank. Compress the vines firmly to remove any air spaces as you do when preparing silage.

• Add some little EM1 solution to improve the quality of the silage.

• Cover the tank airtight. Let it stay for 14 days (two weeks).

• Open the tank to check if the silage is ready if the silage has a sweet smell and has turned yellow in colour, then it is ready feeding.

• You can feed the sweet potato silage to pigs from four months of age, sows, gilts and boars at any time before or after feeding their usual daily rations.

pig feed ingredients formulation II

48kg of maize germ12kg of pollard
12.5kg of soya cake7.5kg of fishmeal
0.75kg of lime1kg of bonemeal
125g of salt150g of lysine
150g of feed premix300g of zinc

pig feed ingredients formulation III

60kg of whole maize210kg of maize germ
140kg of pollard50kg of soya cake
27kg of fishmeal (or first grade omena)4kg of bone meal
1kg of Premix (grower or sow and weaner)1kg of salt
150g of feed premix1kg of lysine

video of how to make pig feed

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