Flat Die Vs Ring Die Pellet Mill : Difference Between Them

what is ring die pellet mill

before talking the difference between flat die vs ring die pellet mill, let us talk about first what is ring die pellet mill and what is flat die pellet mill. ring die pellet mill is that the main component is a circular ring called the “die”. There are 2 rollers rotating in the ring, and the raw materials in the middle is extruded and passed through the die hole to make cylindrical pellets. Ring die pellet machine is widely used in granulation industry and large feed mill plant.

The shape of the outer mold granulator is a wide cylinder, and the mold is vertical. Due to the high cost and large volume, it is not as common as flat die pellet machine. Small ring die pellet machine are commonly used in the granulation business and other commercial purposes. As a professional Chinese manufacturer and supplier of small ring die feed pellet mill, in addition to high quality ring die granulators, we also provide ring die pellet mill specially matched by us. So you don’t have to worry about finding the right molds, rolls and other consumables.

video of ring die pellet mill

specification of ring die pellet mill

ModelPower(Kw)Output(kg/h)Feeding Power(kw)Conditioner Power(kw)Ring Die Diameter(mm)Pellet Size(mm)
flat die vs ring pellet mill
ring die pellet mill for sale

what is flat die pellet mill

Flat die pellet mill are smaller in size, design and construction for the manufacture of feed pellets and wood pellets. It is an electric granulator with a die diameter of 200 mm and the holes in the die can be almost any size you want. You can use them to process various agricultural and forest wastes into pellets such as sawdust, corn stover, straw, rice husks, palm kernel husks and many others. With low noise, high efficiency and high flexibility, this machine is your ideal pelletizer. Flat die is an important part of flat die pellet mill in small and medium-sized pellet production plants. it can make sinking fish feed, if you want to make floating fish feed, the best ideal equipment is floating fish feed pellet machine.

Flat die pellet machine relies on flat die to granulate various raw materials. Different raw materials have different densities, and different types of particles have different densities according to their functional needs. For example, animal feed pellets are not as hard as fuel pellets. Therefore, different types of pellets and different pellet feedstocks require different flat die dies. The higher the compression ratio, the denser the particles produced. But if the compression ratio is too high, the material may clog the mold. That said, if you want to make high-quality pellets, you need to use a flat die pellet mill with the right compression ratio optimal for your raw material. flat die mill can not only for making feed pellets, but also it can make wood pellet, which is flat die wood pellet mill.

video of flat die pellet mill

specification of flat die pellet mill

ModelElectric Power(kw)Diesel Engine Power(HP)Output(kg/h)Weight(kg)
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flat die vs ring die pellet mill

according to Wikipedia, There are many types of pellet mills that can be generally grouped into large scale and small scale types. According to the production capacity, pellet mills also can be divided into flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill.Flat die pellet mill use flat dies with many holes. When the material is introduced into the top of the die, the drum or die can start to rotateand the material will be squeezed through the holes in the die.

A cutter on the other side of the mold will cut the exposed particles out of the mold. Ring die pellet mill use ring dies with radial grooves. The material is first fed into the inside of the mold and distributed evenly by the spreader. Then they will be compressed by two rollers through the die hole, and the particles coming out of the die will be cut out by two cutters.

Large Scale

There are two common types of large scale pellet mills: flat die mills and ring die mills. ring die pellet mill is the large scale pellet mill,Flat die pellet mills use a flat die with slots. The powder is introduced to the top of the die and as the die rotates a roller presses the powder through the holes in the die.

A cutter on the other side of the die cuts the exposed pellet free from the die. In the ring die there are radial slot throughout the die. Powder is fed into the inside of the die and spreaders evenly distribute the powder. Two rollers then compress the powder through the die holes. Two cutters are used to cut the pellets free from the outside of the die.

Small Scale

Small scale mills are usually variations of screw presses or hydraulic presses. flat die pellet mill is the small scale pellet mill,The same basic process is used for both types. A die, also known as a mold, holds the uncompressed powder in a shaped pocket. The pocket shape defined the final pellet shape. A platen is attached to the end of the screw (in a screw press) or the ram (in a hydraulic press) which compresses the powder.

ring die pellet mill parts: roller and die

rind die pellet mill die part

ring die pellet mill rollers

ring die pellet mill roller part

ring die pellet mill die

flat die pellet mill parts: roller and die

flat die pellet mill rollers part

flat die pellet mill rollers

flat die pellet mill die part

flat die pellet mill die

difference between flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill

Feeding Method:

The ring die granulator adopts mechanical feeding method. The raw material enters the granulation chamber at high speed by means of rotary centrifugation. The feed is distributed by the oil cloth machine to achieve uniform feeding; the flat die granulator falls into the granulation chamber by its own weight to achieve uniform feeding.

Pellet Formation:

Flat die types have a circular perforated disk on which two or more rollers rotate and force the material through the holes to form pellets. Ring die presses have a rotating perforated ring on which rollers (usually two or three) press the material to the inner circumference to form pellets.

Adjustment of the rollers:

The ring die pellet granulator machine utilizes two screws on the eccentric gear located in the center of the rolls to adjust the pressure. The flat die granulator adopts the way of center adjusting screw. It has the characteristics of bearing hundreds of tons of top pressure, falling smoothly, hitting softly, and being evenly pressed.

Different Pressure:

At the same die diameter, the rollers of the ring die feed granulator machine are limited by the die diameter and therefore the pressure. The pressure of the flat die feed granulator machine is adjustable. The flat die diameter is not limited by the die diameter, which can expand the inner bearing space. The use of large bearings not only enhances the bearing capacity of the rollers, but also prolongs the service life.

Production Capacity:

The maximum output of the flat die granulator is about 80-1000 kg/hour, while the maximum output of the ring die granulator is about 500-8000kg per hour.

Purchasing Price:

flat die pellet mill has small size and light weight, also low production capacity, surely the buying flat die pellet mill price for sale is low cost and it is very low and is affordable for everyone. so it is popular for home use, or small farmers. ring die pellet mill has large size, heavy weight, and high production capacity, the ring die pellet mill price for sale is higher cost,and it is very higher, and not everyone can afford it, usually it is used for commercial use.

Power Source:

flat die pellet machine can be powered by electric motor or diesel engine motor, but ring die pellet machine can only be powered by electric motor, because the different transportation structure, the motor is connected directly with the shaft. it can not be connected with diesel engine.

flat die vs ring die pellet mill which one is better?

definitly no choice is the best, they have different advantages and disadvantages,and for different usage. you should choose flat die pellet mill or ring die pellet mill according to your use. The flat die pellet granulator machine has low energy consumption and high fluidity, and is suitable for small family workshops. Although the ring die granulator has a large output, it consumes a lot of electricity.

The ring die granulator also has the characteristics of good granulation shape and high density (1-1.3%).
By comparing two different pellet granulator machine, we can know the difference between them and their features. When purchasing a pellet mill, you must carefully consider all the factors that will limit your production and find the right pellet equipment.

diesel engine flat die pellet mill
flat die vs ring pellet mill

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