We have been engaged in the industry of feed granulator for over 15 years. Zhengzhou Victor Machinery Co; Ltd is located in the ancient Zhengzhou City with a good reputation of machinery town in China. We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting animal feed granulator.our main products are the flat die pellet machine widely used in small,medium poultry farm and light industrial or for home use. Why do we only manufacture such granulator? please learn the following information and technology about the flat die pellet machine.you will know that!

    Quality Standards
    Victor Pellet Mill takes machine quality as the most important step. While our company has been devoted to shifting this sense and continuously gain trust of customers. Many of our clients give us two thumbs up when they do feedback to our service center. Our machine quality control starts from the procurement of raw material, then every step of manufacturing is strictly scrutinized by quality engineers. Every production process conforms to the international quality standards and procedures.

    ◆Material strength
    ◆Power consumption
    ◆Machine & parts durability
    ◆Working Reliability
    ◆Production capacity
    ◆Wear & tear ratio
    It is only after all the above mentioned criteria are met that we can consider to delivering machines to customers.

    Our Service

    If you’d like to work with the people who’ll take an extra effort in meeting your requirements, please get in touch with us.
    1.Our company seeks qualified products as well as good service. We therefore have set up an all-sided before and after sales service.
    2. Our support and service continues well after the machines reach to you in use through dedicated after-sales-service.
    3.We strongly devote ourselves to time delivery and best service in each product we at anywhere in the world. so, the continual improvement in the services and quality is our big main responsibility of every employee in our company.


    Manufacturer and exporter of kinds of models of granulator machine. Simple design, easy to operate and low maintenance.