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what is application of a home pellet mill equipment-victor pellet mill

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A home pellet mill has two types including ring die type pellet machine,and flat die type pellet mill equipment,flat die home pellet mill is developed earlier than ring die pellet machine.but flat die pellet mill equipment has high cost performance for home use and light industrial use.

this home pellet mill can make fuel pellets using wood chips,wood sawdust,and other organic waste.what is more,this kind of home pellet mill can also make animal poultry feed pellets from 1.5–6mm for different animals like chicken,duck,sheep,birds and so on. and at the beginning of the development of flat die pellet mill equipment is mainly for making animal feeds.

home pellet mill is an ideal choice for small scale wood pellets and animal feed production. When it is used to make wood pellets, biomass wastes like wood sawdust, straw, wood shavings, shell kernel, bamboo, sugarcane bagasse, grass and many other materials can be chosen as the raw materials. Produced wood pellets can be used for home heating and animal bedding. When making feed pellets for cattle, fish, chicken and other animals, it is suitable to process various kinds of grains including soybean, maize, broomcorn, corn, wheat, soybean meal and other grain residues. home pellet machine is designed with a rotating die mould and a set of stationary rollers. This design has good performance in making soft wood pellets and feed pellets. The capacity can reach 90-120kg/h for feed pellets. You can change the flat die to get pellets of different diameter suitable for animals.


pellet machine for animal feed small pellet mill



Pelleting is a process in a machine where material is turned into small dry pellets.which principle of home pellet mill equipment is the pressure between dies and rollers

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